Capital: Montevideo

By: Keji Adelaja 👑

Background Information (history)

No was not controlled by another country.

Yes it's gain independence in August 25,1825

Official language: Spanish, Portunol, or Brazilero (Portuguese-Spanish mix on the Brazilian frontier)

Geographical Information

Where is you country? South American

B) Uruguay is a country in Southern American, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean between Argentina and Brazil. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere on the Atlantic seaboard of South America between 53 and 58 west longitude and 30 and 35 south latitude. It is bounded on the west by Argentina, on the north and northeast by Brazil, and on the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean.

Economic and trade information

Currency: Urugaury peso

Economic system: socialism

Impacts~ The value of impacts fell by an average 1.7% per year during the 1980s, but have increased by an average of 17.1% annually during 1990-95.

refined oil, crude oil, passenger and other transportation vehicles, vehicle parts, cellular phones

Exports~Its major exports are leather products, electricity, vehicle and rice. Important exports partners of the country are United States and EU.

Export revenues from goods and services annually increased by an average of 3.3% during 1977–87, and by 8.2% between 1988 and 1998.

Political and Diplomacy Information

Type of government: constitutional republic

Leader: Tabare Vazquez

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Tourists information

Reason why you should go there : They come by boat and plane to soak up the sun on Bikini Beach, and party until sunrise at the nearby discotecas in La Barra.Cost of accommodation skyrocket during this time, with luxury apartments going for thousands of dollars per week.Luckily, there are a few hostels where you can still grab a dorm bed for a relatively cheap $20 – $30 per night.

Tourists see or do : Uruguay is a hidden gem, but South America’s 2nd smallest country has a great deal to offer. You have some great history in cities like Colonia and you can even see great architecture in the capital of city of Montevideo. While Argentina is known for having great steak, Uruguay is actually the world’s highest consumer of beef. When you find yourself in Uruguay make sure to try plenty of meat!

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