The Gunpowder Plot

by Rebekah Beaumont

The Plot

It was said that Guy Fawks gathered Catholics together to protest against James I, this is because they didnt agree to his rules and the way that he ruled. So Guy Fawkes plan along with the rest of the Catholics organised a gunpowder plot to blow up the king. The date they had chosen to blow up the king was the 5th November 1605 , which is where we get the rhyme 'remember, remember the fifth of november gunpowder, teason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder teason should ever be forgot.' this is a poem known all around the world specifically to remember that day.


After the failure of the Gunpowder Plot the deaths of the conspirators included being hung until half-dead, then their genitals would be cut off and burned in front of them. Still alive, their heart and other organs would be removed. Finally they would be decapitated and dismembered; their body parts would be publicly displayed, eaten by the birds as they decomposed. But Guy was interrogated and then hung to his death.

What other people thought of this

Some people, mainly Protestants, believed that it was a Catholic Conspiracy or a Government Conspiracy and that Guy was innocent and that it was in fact the Government's fault or just because James I wasn't a good king because of his Catholic beliefs. Others thought that Guy was guilty and should have a serious punishment for plotting against the King and how serious the damage would have been.