3rd Grade Update

Week of August 23

Important Dates

Monday, September 6: No School

What We Are Doing This Week

ELAR: Generating Questions About Text; Planning a Writing Draft

Math: Place Value; Forms of Numbers

Science: Safe Science Practices

Social Studies: Changing Communities


We are not allowing lunch visitors at this time to limit the number of people on campus. When this changes, we will let you know!

Please make sure your child is coming to school in dress code. Here is the link to the district's dress code menu: https://www.redoakisd.org/page/2053

If you have any questions about current COVID safety protocols, please visit the district's Return2Learn website at: https://www.redoakisd.org/page/4521

Contact Us!

Mrs. Fortner: ELAR, Social Studies lindsay.fortner@redoakisd.org

Mrs. Steed: Math, Science hannah.steed@redoakisd.org

Mrs. Aitken: ELAR brea.aitken@redoakisd.org

Mrs. Gaines: Math allison.gaines@redoakisd.org

Mrs. Griggs: Science, Social Studies susan.griggs@redoakisd.org

Red Oak Elementary Phone: 972.617.3523

Extra Practice

Please remember that your child may log in to Classlink through redoakisd.org. This will access our online resources for all subjects.