2nd Grade News from Room 219


The last week of 2nd grade...

is upon us. "Amazingly quick" is how I would describe this school year. I'm working on making an iMovie using photos and videos (shhh- - this will be a surprise for the kids) from our year together. I watched a video clip from the Homecoming Parade last fall and it felt as though that *just* recently took place....Gingerbread Houses, "Stores", our classroom parties - lots of great memories in photos. Thank you for all the support you've given - OUR kids benefit from your involvement (and yes, I do think they're OUR kids - it takes a village).

Coming up...

Our plays - Little Red Riding Hood, The Musical & A Soup Opera - will be performed in our classroom on Tuesday, beginning at 1:30. You won't want to miss it!

Wednesday we'll bowl from 12:15 to 1:15. (We'll eat at school before walking over to the Bowling Center) $2 is needed if you haven't paid already. Thanks!

Thursday we'll go to the Lion's Park (by Peter's/golf course) for a picnic (cold lunch needed) - leaving school around 11:45. Join us for lunch if you'd like!

Friday - I like to have the kids to myself on the last day & savor our time together. Report cards will be sent home, along with spring FAST testing results (proud of them!) & a list of supplies needed for THIRD grade!