Employee of the Month

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January Employee of the month - Melissa Walls

Debbie, cafe manager, states: As soon as Melissa came to Liberty she has been a great asset. She is such a great team player! She helps everyone out in the kitchen and goes above and beyond her job duties. She is a fast learner and doesn’t have to be told twice how to do anything. She picked up the register really quick and is very kind to our students. She comes in with a smile and a positive attitude. She keeps our kitchen moral upbeat and fun. We are so proud to have Melissa on our team!! Congratulations!

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November/December Employee of the Month - Socorro Terrazas

Socorro is someone you can always count on. She knows what is on the menu before she walks in the door. She has everything planned out, she knows what she needs to do and never slows down.

No matter what Socorro’s daily serving position is she completes her job with expertise. She is sweet and gentle to the students. Her co-workers have the highest respect for her. She completes her assignments quickly and moves on to help others to complete their job. Socorro has given us the opportunity on many days to sit down and take a lunch break only because she jumped in and helped who ever needed it.

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful person and an outstanding team player at our Blue Haze Café!

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October Employee of the Month - Connie McConnell

"Tiffany and your other employees nominated you and we totally agree you deserve it!" stated Kathy Huey, CN Director.

Tiffany said, "Connie goes above and beyond what is expected. She is an amazing person! She helps us whenever we need it. She corrects us when we are doing something wrong but with compassion and explains to us how to do it the correct way! She always has a smile on her face and has the biggest heart for our students and the staff! The kids love her!!!"

Connie has the best work ethic. We are so proud of her! She does a great job as a leader and treats her staff like her extended family.


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September Employee of the Month - Teresa Gonzalez

Teresa has assisted our new manager, Lupe, to help her learn how West operates. Teresa has done a great job! She comes in and gets breakfast ready and the line set up, ready to feed all of our new PK students, day care children, and all our other West students. It has been a challenging year with so many changes. We appreciate all the hard work she has given to her school daily and her passion that helps West to be successful.

Thanks for all you do and for being there to help Lupe get started!