Employee of the Month

We have AMAZING employees!

October 2021 - Employee of the Month - MARIETTA SLAWINSKI

We are so proud of our employee of the month, Marietta!

Marietta is our knight and shining apron! If a school is shorthanded, she is there at 6:00 am. She receives texts starting at 5:00 am from the managers. She can rearrange employees moving those who have the most to those with the least. She has more energy than any of us. She is always so sweet and happy! Employees do not mind moving when Marietta asks.

Marietta gives her heart and soul to her job. She definitely knows her “why”. She states, “We must all do our best, our kids deserve it.” She has so many duties and does them all well. Besides her office duties, this includes running a kitchen, cooking taco meat, serving, running the register and cleaning … etc. She will step in and do what it takes to get the job done. Since COVID she has been nonstop and has done so much for our staff and students.

We appreciate you!!!

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September 2021 - Employee of the Month - ANN BLAIR

Ann is a true team player. She is assigned at Liberty but it is rare we let her work there. Sorry Ann! She has been helping at multiple school kitchens to alleviate the workload when they are short staffed. Ann is always smiling and so happy! She will be ready at a moment’s notice and is always willing to go. She has walked in the other kitchens wearing a costume for National Heritage day, or a special T-shirt for something else Liberty was celebrating. We apologize for pulling her out of her school but tell her she looks really cute and sorry she is the only one wearing a costume at this campus. Sorry Ann! She is loyal and cares so much about our students.

Thank you, thank you Ann!!

We appreciate you. We love your attitude and work ethic! Congratulations!!!

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May 2021 Employee of the Month - Martha King

Martha is involved in many tasks at the High School. She decides and prepares the food items on the Pizza Line daily. She is also in charge of the Supper Program, staying late each day and feeding our athletes. She is a very busy person who we know we can depend on. She will also be in charge of the summer feeding program this summer. Yay!

Martha does not mind working hard! She has a great rapport with her customers. They enjoy visiting with her and looking for their favorite pizza. Under Virginia’s management, we have seen Martha really excel and take on more tasks. We are very proud of her and appreciate her willingness to help others and support our students.

Thanks Martha for all you do! Congratulations!

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April 2021 Employee of the Month - Christina Maysonet

Cristina Maysonet has been with Child Nutrition Department since January 2019. She started working at Blue Haze and has recently moved to West in 2020. Within that short time, she has learned to prepare main entrée, fruits and vegetables, and learned the ins and outs of the Child nutrition software, Primero Edge, and be a cashier.

While the manager is out, Cristina manages the food preparation for Daycare, Pre K as well as the meals for the day for all students at West.

We are proud to have treasure like Cristina in our Brewer Café Team so she can pass her knowledge to new incoming employees.

We are so proud of you!

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March 2021 Employee of the month - Jolivette Baumgardner

Jov has worked in our kitchen since 2005, seventeen years later and she is still running at full speed! She is one of our hardest workers. Jov does not avoid hard to do tasks, going into the freezer, or doing the dishes. She is always planning ahead and prepares what is needed for future meals. She comes to work on time, ready to go and always has a great attitude towards work and her co-workers.

She inspects the serving line to make sure that the fruits, vegetable and entrée are appealing to the eyes of the incoming customers. Jov wants the kids to eat a healthy meal each day.

She is a great asset to our Brewer Bear Café Team.

We are very proud of you!

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Our employee of the month for February is Maria (Lupe) Garcia.

Lupe joined our team on August 12, 2019 and became a manager at West. No one knew she would be working with three different menus and sending meals to the classroom a year after she started but she has done an excellent job!

She feeds KG-4th in the cafeteria, PK in the classroom, and sends the Daycare their food. Lupe has worked short-handed many days but always has everything ready, delivered, and working on the next day. Lupe and her staff are very organized with color-coded rosters, labeling and packing of the food. How impressed we are of all they accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Lupe’s tenacity to serve quality food to all students each day motivates all of us. Her focus for each child is to receive the meal that they like, offering many choices of fruits and vegetables.

Congratulations Lupe!

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January 2021 Employee of the Month - Vicenta Arroyo

Vicenta is well liked among her co-workers and has a very sweet personality. With her experiences and the retirement of one of the staff in-charge of the Bear Zone, she was trusted to take over a very important job of handling the smorgasbord of different entrees. If by chance she is out, which is not very often; the high school staff misses her.

Vicenta prepares all the entrees served at the Bear Zone and she has to make sure that there is enough food choices, which includes the fruits, vegetables, juices and milk for the students.

An employee who is dedicated to her job and well-being of the students, Vicenta takes required training annually with the other staff members to keep up to date on the latest regulations and Federal guidelines pertaining to Child Nutrition.

Thank you, Vicenta for all your hard work and being an ideal employee for Child Nutrition Department.


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November/December 2020 Employee of the Month - Julia Gonzalez

Julia Gonzalez is a dedicated staff member at Tannahill Intermediate Café. Marietta said, “Julia is a fun loving employee that has to have music while she works. She is our entertainer at the Liberty distribution site since she loves to sing”.

During the summer food distribution, Julia inspects the bags that are going to be distributed to the community and students to make sure that they get quality food. She wants the children to enjoy nourishing meals both breakfast and lunch.

Julia has been our staff member since 2018 but watching her work, one would think she has been here for 10 years. She has prepared salads/vegetables and is now the fruit prep person. She likes to give the students several choices when it comes to fruits but with COVID 19 still around, we have to limit their choices and this is disappointing to her.

Julia always has a positive attitude and her focus is on serving nutritious meals to our students while following strict safety and sanitation procedures.

We are glad to have Julia as a Child Nutrition staff member. Congratulations!

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October 2020 Employee of the Month - Delores Castro

Our employee of the month is Delores Castro, a dedicated staff member at Blue Haze Café.

Delores tells us she loves the kids at Blue Haze. She greets the students by name and assists them when they need something. She will check in on some the following day if she saw their day was not going so good.

Delores is a hard worker, someone you know you can count on. She has high standards and follows our regulations skillfully. She understands the importance of documentation and completing all of our HACCP logs.

In March during our grab-n-go distribution, she was at Liberty every day. Delores is dedicated to providing high quality and nourishing foods. She expects the best for our students and leads other staff members to follow in her expectations.

Delores is a true Brewer Bear who shows her support by attending different events sponsored by the district. We are proud of you and congratulations!

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September 2020 Employee of the Month - Angelica Ortiz

Angelica was promoted to Café Manger this school year, first year manager and COVID, what a start to a new year! We could not be more proud of her! This summer she was in charge at North. It was amazing how I saw her become such an effective leader in a short period. She is able to give directives to the staff while gaining their respect. Angelica has a genuine personality; she makes us laugh and keeps us motivated. Teachable moments are part of her daily routine; you do not see this in a brand new manager.

We are so PROUD of you! Congratulations Angelica!

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April 2020 Employee of the Month - Kelli McDowell

Kelli has been working at the Brewer High School for several years now. She displays how important each of our students by knowing their first names and trying to remember what they usually like to eat.

She is focused on preparing what kind of breakfast, juices or lunch items our students prefer and make sure that it is available. Kelli goes out of her way to help the students every way she can.

She is the first one to go in the walk-in freezer to organize and put up all the frozen items that comes in every Thursday and to show others that with organization it helps in spending time looking for items and staying in the freezer longer. Kelli is willing to help anyone of her co-workers and shows the substitutes an easier way to perform their task on hand.

Kelli is also the first one to admit that she tends to talk a little more than others but I think it stems from her wanting to know how to help the students she comes in contact with whether they are in Elementary, middle school or high school. To her, working in the Child Nutrition Department is giving her a chance to be active in showing that our students are top priority and deserves to get proper nourishment to help attain their success in their future endeavors.

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January 2020 Employee of the month - Melissa Walls

Debbie, cafe manager, states: As soon as Melissa came to Liberty she has been a great asset. She is such a great team player! She helps everyone out in the kitchen and goes above and beyond her job duties. She is a fast learner and doesn’t have to be told twice how to do anything. She picked up the register really quick and is very kind to our students. She comes in with a smile and a positive attitude. She keeps our kitchen moral upbeat and fun. We are so proud to have Melissa on our team!! Congratulations!

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November/December 2019 Employee of the Month - Socorro Terrazas

Socorro is someone you can always count on. She knows what is on the menu before she walks in the door. She has everything planned out, she knows what she needs to do and never slows down.

No matter what Socorro’s daily serving position is she completes her job with expertise. She is sweet and gentle to the students. Her co-workers have the highest respect for her. She completes her assignments quickly and moves on to help others to complete their job. Socorro has given us the opportunity on many days to sit down and take a lunch break only because she jumped in and helped who ever needed it.

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful person and an outstanding team player at our Blue Haze Café!

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October 2019 Employee of the Month - Connie McConnell

"Tiffany and your other employees nominated you and we totally agree you deserve it!" stated Kathy Huey, CN Director.

Tiffany said, "Connie goes above and beyond what is expected. She is an amazing person! She helps us whenever we need it. She corrects us when we are doing something wrong but with compassion and explains to us how to do it the correct way! She always has a smile on her face and has the biggest heart for our students and the staff! The kids love her!!!"

Connie has the best work ethic. We are so proud of her! She does a great job as a leader and treats her staff like her extended family.


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September 2019 Employee of the Month - Teresa Gonzalez

Teresa has assisted our new manager, Lupe, to help her learn how West operates. Teresa has done a great job! She comes in and gets breakfast ready and the line set up, ready to feed all of our new PK students, day care children, and all our other West students. It has been a challenging year with so many changes. We appreciate all the hard work she has given to her school daily and her passion that helps West to be successful.

Thanks for all you do and for being there to help Lupe get started!