Engineering Career Cluster

Aerospace Engineers-Math, Science, Technology

What education do we need to have this job?

To become an aerospace engineer i need to take classes in middle school and high school and take college.

These will help you:

*Computer Applications

*Write reports and keep records of projects.

*Computer-Assisted Design (CAD)

*Use computers to create and change designs.

*Computer Science*Design software to meet your needs.

*Physics*Learn about matter and energy.

*Probability and Statistics

*Collect data and figure out what it means.

You will have to have:

*a high school diploma

*a bachelor's degree in engineering

*a license

What is the salary for this job?

In Georgia median wage is $105,440. Range: $84,960 to $124 ,710.

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What skills are required?


*Understand information that you read.

*Read and understand what you read at work.

*Listen to others and ask questions.

*Write clearly so other people can understand.

*Speak clearly so listeners can understand.

*Understand what other people say to you.

Solve Problems

*Use logic to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of ideas.

*Combine pieces of information to form rules.

*Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong.

*Follow rules to place objects or actions in a certain order.

*Use reasoning to find answers to problems.

*Notice a problem and figure out the best way to fix it.

*Decide whether an action is worth what it costs.

*Study new information to understand it.

*Think of new ideas about a topic.

*Find ways to make something work better.

*Make rules that group items in different ways.

*Figure out how a system should work and what happens when you change it.

*Think of creative ways to solve problems.

*Concentrate while working.

Use Math and Science

*Use scientific methods to solve problems.

*Decide how to solve a math problem.

*Use math skills to solve problems.

*correctly add, subtract, multiply, and divide at a fast pace.

Manage People, Time, and Things

*Check how well you and others are learning or doing something.

*Manage your time and the time of others.

Work with People

*Find a method to learn or teach new things.

*Change your actions based on others' actions.

*Persuade others to change their minds or actions.

*be aware of how others' react and understand why.

*Teach others how to do something.

*Bring people together to work out differences.

Work with Things

*Think about what people need when you design new products.

*Test and inspect the quality of products, services, or processes.

*Design equipment and technology for people to use.


*Imagine how something will look if it is moved or rearranged.

*Find a pattern, such as a word or sound that is hard to find.

*correctly compare letters, numbers, objects, or pictures at a fast pace.

Will there be jobs in the future?

In Georgia 2,080 people are working in 2010. It will grow 24.5% by 2020. In 2010. Ever year about 100 openings are opened. In the United States 83,000 people are working in 2010. It will grow 7.3% by 2020. Every year 2,540 jobs are opened.

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Where would i work?

*An aerospace product and part manufacturer

*An engineering firm

*An research and development firm

Where can this occupation lead me?

*Work on bigger design projects.

*Get a job managing other people.

*Move into a sales job.

Work indoors all the time

*Often wear safety gear while you are working.

*Sit for long periods of time.

*See objects clearly near and Far.


*Work more than 40 hours a week to meet deadlines.

*Travel to other plants or work sites.

A Closer Look - Aerospace Engineering
Texas A&M University - Department of Aerospace Engineering - Spring 2009 Senior Design Project