News from Class 3

Newsletter #20

News from the Classroom

This past week the students were asked to create a simple shelter out of natural materials. Every morning, rain or shine, we walked to Ives park where the children worked on building their own shelters. On Friday, I asked each student what made their shelter a home, and not just a building?

I asked them also to share with me who lived in each of their homes. It was wonderful to witness the 9 year change showing up through this project. Many of the children experiencing the 9 year change, (when they awake out of the world of imagination and into dwelling more in the world of here and now) chose to create animal homes. However, the students that were not so pulled by the temptation of this new "9 year change awareness", chose to keep with imaginative fairies, elves or gnomes.

We continued to work on long division last week, and the students learned about Remainders. I will continue the work on long division this week, and will end our 3 week shelter/math block on Friday. We have two big events this week. The first will be our class trip to the beach, where we will join Sunridge School to build driftwood forts, through which they can crawl inside and out. Secondly, we will enjoy the student’s strings concert.

Rain Gear

Please check if your student has rain gear at school, especially on rainy days! Many students are missing items and in order to receive the full experience that I like to offer, each student needs full rain gear! If you ask your child to bring home their gear, please return it the next day!

I am requiring every student to have full rain gear on Thursday for the beach trip!

3rd Grade Strings Concert

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 12-2:15pm

Assembly Room

The 3rd grade will perform a small piece of music. If you cannot attend, they will perform again at the All School Assembly.

All School Assembly

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 1:30pm

390 Morris Street

Sebastopol, CA

Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to our All School Assembly. Your 3rd grade students will be performing a string ensemble. The rest of the school will show you a small glimpse into their classroom learning. All students will be picked up at the Sebastopol Community Center by 3pm. Children not picked up will be taken to the Main Campus school office.


If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please take a look at my office hours and sign up for a slot. It is important that we meet together to make sure you know how your student is progressing, in his/her 3rd grade year.