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Jan. 30 - Feb. 3- AAA High School Campus


Check out the amazing things coming up at AAA in the upcoming days and weeks. We are so proud of the creativity and work coming out of our school.
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Now Hiring Bus Drivers is hiring BUS DRIVERS! Starting at $20.00 per hour, 5.5 hrs daily. Extra hours for field trips. Must have a CDL with passenger & air break endorsements. Training provided. 77 pass. Buses are new with Transportant systems. Contact


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All State Choir Auditions are this weekend. Good luck to all AAA students attending!

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AAA Parents Guild

Arkansas Arts Academy is forming an Arts Parent Guild. The Primary Goal of the parent guild is to provide fundraising and volunteer support to the visual and performing arts staff and students of Arkansas Arts Academy, K-12. Some activities include organizing parent volunteers for productions, managing the boutique, designing and organizing cast shirts, seeking sponsorships, and organizing cast parties. In addition, parent guild funds support the performing arts field trips, stipends for teachers working outside of contracted hours, fund guest teaching artists, boutique expenses, and other incidentals to help productions and arts events.

The meetings will be on the last Tuesday of every month at 6 pm in the HS commons.

We are looking for parents who fulfill all roles. Parent involvement roles include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Boutique Chair, Communications Chair, Hospitality Chair, and Sponsorship Chair. We also need representatives of all departments, including choir, culinary, dance, fashion, music, theatre, and visual arts.

Parents will organize and plan for the upcoming parent fundraiser, Celebrate the Arts. Celebrate the Arts is schedules for April 22nd. This year's theme is Masquerade. Renee Cain is the chair of the fundraiser and if parents can not attend the meeting and would like to get involved they can reach out to Renee directly. (

If you want more information, please contact the staff liaison - Amy Kessler-Weber, at

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AAA Student Volunteers Needed!

Rogers Short Film Festival: March 3-5, 2023

To sign up to volunteer, email

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Usher
    • Victory Theater
  • Ticketing
    • Victory Theater and StudioChunky
  • Booth sales / Management
    • Victory Theater, VIP Lounge
  • VIP Lounge Liaison
    • Brick & Mortar
    • Hospitality
  • Concessions
    • Victory Theater
  • And more!! There will be countless ways to be involved at the festival.

This is a fantastic opportunity to volunteer for a local, non-profit organization. It’s an action-packed weekend filled with films, food, music, and fun. Industry professionals from all over the country will attend. Great networking opportunity.

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High School Hip Hop

Open to 7th -12 Grade

Time: 4:15 to 5:15

The $50 Punch Card Covers 4 class

Contact Ce Ce Benson


Contemporary Dance Theatre Classes

Open to Ages 16+

Time: 6:00 to 7:00

$15 for a drop-in class

$50 for 5 classes



High School Jazz Fusion

Open to 7th -12 Grade

Time: 4:15 to 5:15

The $50 Punch Card Covers 4 class

Contact Ce Ce Benson


Contemporary Dance Theatre Classes

Open to Ages 16+

Time: 10:00 to 11:00 am

$15 for a drop-in class


$50 for 5 classes



Everyone at AAA would like to congratulate Alyssa on all of your hard work and effort in winning your Thea Scholarship! Alyssa has won the Munro Foundation Scholarship in Visual Arts for the amount of $3,000.

(See the piece and artist statement below)

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Artist Statement: Alyssa Jaggernauth

My work embraces the theme of prodigious resilience with the history of graffiti within my collage.In the beginning, this piece lacked meaning and purpose. Coincidently this is something that happens to a lot of my art in which I create beautiful pieces that lack meaning until further into the process. I was conditioned to see beauty rather than depth with a feminine identity. I have always loved beauty as a whole with or without meaning, however, I strive for deeper meaning excelling with each stroke and detail. This follows the history of graffiti; lacking full meaning until further in history. The now stunning genre of art with uncouth beginnings, graffiti takes its dawn with gang-related tags and symbols marking their territory. This began the stigma against any wall art and being seen as dangerous. I remember as a child being told the graffiti on the walls was disgusting vandalism, but I never understood how something so beautiful could be seen in such a negative light. My piece takes inspiration from several artists, all of which have impacted graffiti and street art to bring it to where it is now.

The top left profile was influenced by Shepard Fairey. His art commentates on women of color and draws curiosity to encourage conversation towards politics. As a way to honor his style, the woman in my work resembles a geisha. Their beauty and artistic skill sets were an asset in which they honed to thrive through a life that valued their beauty over intelligence. Their perseverance leaves me with awe as they were taught to be educated in many talents around the arts, and yet continue to only be seen as objects. I present her as the makeup melting away as she is more than just a geisha, she is human.

Below in the bottom left corner are caricatures of the female body with the style inspired by Keith Haring. Haring was revolutionary to graffiti bringing awareness to political issues and creating the modern style of hieroglyphs. While Haring makes androgynous humans with his style, I use a similar style line and color style to created dynamic women's bodies in my style. With my piece, I wanted to bring a spotlight to the idea of femininity and trends in the body. Women have struggled for millennia as being viewed as objects or body-types cycling in and out through decades. For thousands of years, some varying body-type obtains spotlight which in turn shames other bodies. With the advancement of marketing in the 1900s, women have been pressured to change themselves to fit the current trend of body decade to decade.

The right profile face is not inspired by any direct artist or graffiti but instead comments directly on the theme with my own style. The woman was a study I had done on values. I incorporated this piece into the collage to comment on critics and those who believe they carry the authority to critique one’s artwork. Red is often the color of correction seen in school and life, and no matter how beautiful, extravagant, or simple a piece of art is there will always be a person in the back who will try to critique the artwork or correct an aspect that their eyes view as incorrect.The red circle symbolizes a pinpoint for a target In the smaller details, surrounding the piece are eyes to represent the viewers; because artists often feel as though their work is under a spotlight that draws attention and brings judgment. In my mind, prodigious resilience is excelling through these critics to create beautiful artwork; Regardless of what others believe the right way is. I use the theme of prodigious resilience as a way to show how beauty has persevered throughout the face of history.

AAA Archery

Arkansas Arts Academy High/Middle School archers at the 9th annual AAA tournament. #studentarchers #arkansasartsacademy #weloveourschool

AAA High School Music Department

High School music department showing why they Arkansas Arts Academy.




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Senora Valverde

What a honor it is to have Senora Valverde on staff

See her discuss her artwork in a recent exhibition addressing the destruction of water pollution.


Transportation Parent Portal App

Here is the web address for the parent portal app for bus transportation. All parents should use the email that is registered with eschool. Parents will be instructed to download the app on their phone.

NEW Attendance Email

Need to report an absence at the High School? Email us at :

You can also attach a doctors note!

AAA Parent Volunteer/Donation Opportunities

Community Volunteer Opportunities

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Child Abuse and Maltreatment Hotline: 1-800-482-5964

Alternate Phone: 1-(800)-422-6641