Special Services Update


Michael Sylvia

At the 2015 East Greenwich High School commencement ceremony, valedictorian Wei Li shared the stage with Michael Sylvia, a student with cerebral palsy. This simple act of giving another student time to speak during her speech set the framework for what Michael had to say. Michael spoke about up to 60% of students with physical disabilities experience bullying in school. However, his school experience has been very different. Not only had he never been bullied during all of his years of school, he had been accepted and embraced. He wanted to say thank you to his classmates and teachers for the way he had treated him and in helping him defy the odds in every way shape and form.

Michael presents a powerful example of the social and academic benefits of an inclusive school. He also presents a powerful example in his gracious act of thanking his teachers and classmates for his school experience. And as not every student with a disability can do so, I thank you all for the hard work and inclusion of students with disabilities in Warwick Schools.

See the speech here: https://www.facebook.com/mark.sylvia.902.

Jennifer F. Connolly, Ph.D.

Director of Special Services