Plot Line of The Roar

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Setting and Exposition

Setting: Post Animal plague London

Exposition: The story starts off by talking about Ellie flying in a fighter pod during a sunset with her pet monkey in the gunners seat then the book says that she escaped from Mal Gorman facility in orbit around the Earth and that she is attempting to return home.

Rising Action

Ellie gets in a chase with the police and Gorman's men who eventually catch her as she crashes. Switching to Mika he tells the story of how his sister Ellie was lost. He then goes to school and refuses to drink the fit mix which is a drink designed by the Youth Development Foundation. The Youth Development Foundation Then makes a game called pod fighter and make it a competition to be the best at it Mika sees this as a chance to find out what happened to Ellie so he practices and gets good with his partner and they make it through the qualifying round and advance to winning prizes like a companion which is basically like a phone, a vacation, a car then a house and being able to fly a real pod fighter and then he has to go to Cape Wrath where Mal Gorman decided who won and it was Mika but he made Mika promise that he would return then all of the contestants went home to the Golden Turrets where the people who lived in the shadows attacked and destroyed the Golden Turrets Mika and Audrey stole a pod fighter and flew over the wall.
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As Audrey and Mika flew over the wall they saw a forest and mansions of people living in the forests then they were shot down by Mal Gorman's men and landed in the forest were they found animals and realized they and their parent had been lied to their whole life.


Mal Gorman says that Mika has been good and can see his sister and even take her home.


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Mika joins a competition to find his lost sister he completes every challenge then wins a house the house is raided and they fly off and over the wall to find forests and realize they have been lied to they fly back to Mal Gorman and he lets Mika see his sister and lets him take her with him.