Jane Ball Happenings

October 17, 2016- October 21, 2016

Whats Happening

Monday Oct. 17

8:00 Math Night Planning Committee

Personal PD

Tuesday Oct. 18

8:00 Climate

Wednesday Oct. 19

8:00 SIP Committee

Thursday Oct 20

No School Fall Break

Friday Oct. 23


Shout Outs

To Lesley for planning an amazing bullying presentation!

To Trista for organizing the Do not Photo List:)

To Regina, Diane, Lesley, Janet and Tracey for their work on writing the Sensory Grants!

To Lisa for all her work on Paws!

To PTO for their organization of the fundraiser!

Janet for handling the Data Meetings:)

Entire staff for surviving the PIG Races!

Fall Parties

Please make sure you remind your parents that costumes need to be school friendly and that all food needs to be store bought. Please be cognizant of any students with any dietary issues. If you are unsure you need to check with Nurse Chris.

Please remind parents that ANY early dismissal is recorded in attendance as an unexcused tardy. This is per our corporation attendance policy.

Teacher Evaluation Reminders

Just a reminder to make sure you do your preobservation at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled observation. Please make sure you think about what personal PD you will be doing this year. Also I will be meeting with teams at a later date to go over Individual growth measures.

If you have not already signed up for your observation you need to see Lori ASAP.

Firehouse luncheons

Students who qualify for the firehouse lunches from the fundraiser, the schedule is as follows:

Monday Oct 17th

Kindergarten from 10:55-11:30. We could meet in the office at 10:50 to walk over and we are asking for 1 staff member, 1 parent volunteer, and 1 pto board member.

2nd- 11:40-12:15. We could have them meet in the office at 11:35. Same for volunteers

3rd- 12:20-12:50. Again meet in office at 12:15.

Tuesday Oct 18th

1st- 11:20-11:50. They can meet at office at 11:15 and will be back for their recess at 11:50.

5th- 12:00-12:30. Again meet at office by 11:50 or 11:55

4th-12:40-1:10. Will meet in office at 12:35.

Committee Call outs

Looking for volunteers for the following committee:

Christmas Party

Afterschool PBIS Procedures (to establish rules for afterschool activities such as Friday Night Live)

If you are interested in helping with either, please email Deb