Ideas Unlimited Newsletter

August 2012

The New ContentProbe SL7 Arrives!

Ideas Unlimited are launching the new ContentProbe SL7 at IBC 2012. Featuring dedicated and purpose-built hardware and software that reliably records 24 hours a day, the new User Interface gives you flexibility and functionality at your finger-tips.

New Interface - New Features!

Mini viewers, event logs, plug-in panels and media viewers are just some of the new features of the software. The user-friendly GUI enables rapid and instant access across the network to all channels. It provides compliance recording with FaultTracker signal fault monitoring for audio, video, captions and loudness. With Media FingerPrinting technology for commercial content verification and best-in-class RealSync frame-accurate recording, extensive alerts and notifications can be tailored to user preference.

An intuitive, feature-rich, Silverlight Web interface supports frame-accurate cueing and easy export of marked clips for external users. Up to four video channels or 16 audio channels, combined with up to 720 days of RAID 5 hot-swappable storage and dual-power supplies, are contained in a single 1RU enclosure.