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At the end of the day, after a tiring workday, all I want is to lay in my bed and use my phone to watch my favorite TV show. I’ve been doing this for years but lately, my hand seems to be aching every time I watch on my phone. When I consulted my GP, the diagnosis is that my right hand is suffering from a mild carpal tunnel syndrome, where the nerve gets pinched due to the position of your hand.

When my hand started to get hurt, I usually stop watching because it hurts too much up to the point that my hand feels numb already. This can be annoying because I always don’t get to finish the episode or movie that I am currently watching. Fortunately, I found a device that will help me watch something on the TV while using my smartphone as a source.

The device that I am talking about is TV Buddy and I found some detailed information about the device that will surely be helpful. Continue reading below to get to know how useful and great TV Buddy.

What Is TV Buddy

TV Buddy is not your ordinary Bluetooth device or connector, because this one will make things easier for you. With this device, you no longer have to worry about watching on your smartphone with a small screen, because all you have to do is connect TV Buddy in your phone and connect it to your TV.

One of the best things about TV Buddy is that it makes sure that whatever series or movie you are watching, it will come out in your TV in a high-quality HD video. It’s always nice to watch on a big screen, instead of watching using my phone. With this device, you no longer have to worry about outages or interference since it is not your typical cable.

Another good thing about TV Buddy is that you can watch videos from different apps, from Showtime, Netflix, to YouTube. You can even watch cooking videos while you’re cooking so you can use it as a guide. You no longer have to use your phone for watching every time you need to because you already have the TV Buddy.

The TV Buddy is compatible with macOS 10+, iOS 9 and Android 4.4 It has an HDMI output of full high definition, 1080p playback, and can support a total of 265 decoding. The speed when it comes to processing increased up to 50%. TV Buddy is perfect for conferences, presentations, games, and of course home theaters.

With its plug and play feature, you surely no longer need to have drivers or applications. All these made things easier for me, especially that I am not really a tech person.

Why Choose TV Buddy

I personally prefer using TV Buddy not only because watching on a big screen is more comfortable, it will help me prevent getting surgery due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Using this device is easy because all I had to do is pair it with my phone and attach the device to my TV’s HDMI. I now enjoy my favorite series and movies because I can see the characters and whatever is happening on a bigger screen.

One of the good things about using TV Buddy is that it can be a great replacement for your cable. If you live at home or live with a family that also goes out to work or school every day, none of you are making the most out of your cable, just like in my case. I called my cable provider that they can terminate my contract since I won’t be needing it anymore.

What’s good about exchanging your cable especially if you are not using it into TV Buddy is that you don’t have to pay bills monthly. With this device, you can get it at an affordable price and you no longer have to pay for a bill monthly. I only paid for my subscription on Netflix but that’s way cheaper than paying for a cable that I don’t really use.

Another good thing about getting a TV Buddy is that I can now share my photos and videos with my family and friends. Gone are the days where I need to pass around my phone to them just so they can the photos and videos. There was one time where I did pass my phone around and they saw one photo of mine that I did not intend to upload because I look very weird. It was embarrassing but then now with TV Buddy I no longer have to worry about that.

TV Buddy Tests

Of course, I want to make sure that I can test the TV Buddy first before giving out reviews and so on the first week that I got the device, I immediately put it to the test.

Setting it up was easy as I paired it with my phone and downloaded the TV Buddy app intended for that device and connected it to the internet. Once done, I plug the device to my TV’s HDMI 3, though you can put it in any number of HDMI that you have. Once done, I controlled it using the app on my phone and was surprised that I can instantly stream without actually installing anything to my TV.

I can also use it with different streaming apps and a different operating system. I own an iPhone and TV Buddy works perfectly with it, while my best friend’s phone is an Android, which also works with the device. Based on the manufacturer, the device can also work on a laptop, be it a Windows or a Mac. With the versatility of TV Buddy, I surely made the most out of my money.

Another thing that I tested was the browsing of photos and videos. I manage to show my family photos and videos from my recent trip. I can navigate the photos through the app of TV Buddy which is installed on my phone. I can even play the videos that I took and they can view it in full high definition, which made the videos even more stunning.

TV Buddy Reviews

I also searched online as to the different reviews that people are saying about TV Buddy. Everyone was raving about the device because they no longer have to just deal with their small phones’ screens because they can now watch their favorite series on their TVs. Some even thought that their TVs are no use, but when TV Buddy came, things become different.

A lot of people also love how they can browse their photos on their TV as it made it easier for them which to delete and which ones to upload. I also love this because I will no be sure that I won’t be uploading photos that don’t look nice online.

With all of these reviews, I can definitely say that getting the TV Buddy is worth every penny. Some got rid of their cables, though there are some who retained their cables because a family member is fond of watching TV. Nonetheless, having TV Buddy is a game-changer when it comes to online streaming.

Testimonials from Other Users

TV Buddy helped me share my travel photos with my family and friends, without actually handing them my smartphone to just pass around. It was very easy to use since all I need to do is connect it via Bluetooth and WiFi. - Bella, 21

I used to get neck pain whenever I watch all night using my smartphone and it may be because of how uncomfortable my position is and that's because of the small screen of my smartphone. But when I got the TV Buddy, everything became comfortable because I can now watch through my TV and navigate the streaming app on my smartphone. - Kathy, 35

Where Can I Purchase TV Buddy

I bought my TV Buddy directly on their official website to ensure that I am buying a legitimate device. Also, they offered a discount that time, but today I have checked that they are also offering discounts for purchased two or more. The higher the quantity that you purchase the higher the discount.

Paying is made through the site via credit card or PayPal, depending on your preferences. Worry not because the site is SSL encrypted which means that your information will be safe and secured.

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