Sodium Nitrate

Payton Broyles

Common Names For Sodium Nitrate

  • NaNO3
  • Chile Saltpeter
  • Peru Saltpeter

Common Uses of Sodium Nitrate

  • Meat preservative
  • Fireworks
  • Fertilizers

Properties of Sodium Nitrate

  • Has a density of 2.26 g/cm3
  • Odorless & has a bitter taste
  • Boiling point - 716F Melting point - 586.4F

More Facts About Sodium Nitrate

  • Some studies have shown there is an increase chance of cancer by eating large amounts of food with sodium nitrate
  • The largest concentration of sodium nitrate is found in the ground of deserts in South American countries, Chile and Peru
  • Sodium nitrate can also be made in a lab