Protect Against STDs

Milind B. & Raleigh S.

What are STDs?

STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses which infect the body during sexual or intimate contact with someone who already has them. This effectively means that one can get an STD by touching your genitals, mouth or a body part with a cut to someone with sores (Visible or non-visible) and get an STD.

Preveting STDs

1. Reducing Number of Sex Partners

The most reliable method for preventing STDs are to limit the number of sex partners unless one wants complete abstinence from any sexual activity. Limiting the number of sex partners will also limit one's chances of contracting a STD.
Also if your sexual partner(s) are either one to two people, it is easier to know any past medical history of the person.

2. Vaccinations

Getting vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases is the best thing one can do to prevent the disease from happening. Vaccines can prevent against Hepatitis B and HPV. Vaccines for these diseases should be taken before sexual activity. Get these vaccines if you weren't already vaccinated with them during childhood.

3. Using Protection

Men should use male latex condoms when having sex. This would be used in all forms of sex. If one has any latex allergies, one could use non-latex condoms. Condoms give a person a lower chance of contracting an STD or for that matter even a disease.

4. Knowing you and your partner's medical history

One should always know their medical history and if they were vaccinated for sexually transmitted diseases and whether they have any or not. This should be the same case with their partner, even though this is a taboo topic, one should ask their partner just to remain safe.

Final Thoughts

One should always use safe sex and limit their sex partners as much as they can. This is vital if one needs to be safe from STDs. Getting vaccinated against STDs and knowing your's and your partner's history can effectively be the best treatment for safeguarding against STDs.