The Life in The Warsaw Ghetto

Katelynn Davis - 5th

Why Was The Warsaw Ghetto Important? What was it?

The Warsaw Ghetto was important because it was the first time in World War 2 where resistance fighters lasted. The Jews who fought lasted for over a month before the Nazis finally won. The battle ended in Complete Destruction of the Ghetto. About 2 years earlier, the Ghetto was built and the Jews were brought. The Jews referred to the Ghetto as a prison. One person wrote, "we are segregated and separated from the world and the fullness thereof, driven out of the society of the human race". This horrible place was a camp where Nazis took the Jews to basically torture them to death. They were starved, tortured, and mistreated just because of their religion.

~ Background Information ~

In the ghetto, Nazis wanted to insure that the Jews were in line so they sent in a group called the Judenraete to watch over them. The jewish community often asked the Judenrate to soften the punishment but theat ended up making the job alot harder than it should be. In the Ghetto, the Jews would often trade their blankets and clothes for food but ended up freezing by the time winter came around. In the Ghetto everyone basically knew that this is where they would die so everyone held on to the little that they had left. Such as, their religion, family and friends they already had. the funny thing was, at first the camps weren't so bad because cafes and local shops were still open. Those who had some money in the past got a little comfort while they were there but not very much. Of course the not so lucky poor people had to start sending their children in just to sneak a little bit of food for their family's.

Interesting Facts

  • The Nazis nicknamed the Jews camp as "The Jewish Cemetary".
  • Even tough there were tall walls, many tried to escape.
  • When the Nazis were deporting Jews, they went with the children so that they would not be alone.
  • When first put in camps, the Jews were separated from christians.
  • Nazis often called the Jews suffering "The Ghetto Disease".
  • About 1000 people died in the Warsaw Ghetto.
  • Many Jews were tricked into entering gas chambers.

Katelynn Davis

Life in The Warsaw Ghetto.