The great story of Albert Einstien

By Will Denker

Albert Einstien birth and death

  • The day of his birth is March 14 1879
  • The day that he died is April 18 1955
He was born in Ulm Germany

The obstacles of overcoming

Many of his theories were though to be wrong and were opposed by many German scientist.He escape his beloved home Germany to escape the Nazi ever if it men losing his professorship. But every great scientist has to overcome some challenges

Albert Einstien contributions

He made the theory of relativity.He was the influences for the philosophy of science.He discover the law of photoelectric, also had a pivotal step in the evolution of quantum theory. He made the famous E=MC square which was dubbed the most famous equation ever.

intersesting facts about Albert Einstien

  • Albert Einstien did not speak in tell age 3
  • Albert Einstien taught his self geometry at age 12
  • Albert Einstein wife died of kidney problems on December 1936
  • Einstien won the Nobel peace prize in physical
  • Einstien theories were later proven by a scientist named Arthur Eddungton
  • Albert Einstien role models were Isaac Newton and Mahatma Gandhi
Famous Failures