Reviewed By: Sarah Makinen

Appearance and Taste:

Overall the appearance of the entire restaurant was very calming and it gives you a feeling that this is the place that you want to have lunch with your family. I personally ordered the "You Pick Two" that had the Chicken Caesar Salad, with the Creamy Tomato Soup and a baguette on the side. The You Pick Two menu allows you to pick two of the following... salads, sandwiches, soups, mac and cheese, or flatbreads. On the side you can add a french baguette, soft dinner roll, baked chips, regular cooked chips, whole grain roll, an apple or a fresh fruit cup. The appearance of my meal looked incredibly tasteful. My salad looked green and fresh, and had white meat chicken that was cooked well. The soup on the side had real tomatoes in it, and it came out hot and creamy. My baguette that I ordered on the side was amazingly soft on the inside, and the outside had a crunchy, yet easy to bite into, crust. All of the flavors blended nicely together, it made me want to order it a second time after I devoured my meal.


After I went to find a table and wait for my food to come out, I noticed that the people in the back that were creating the food were wearing hair nets, and plastic gloves on their hands. Even people at the cash register were wearing hair nets. When I received my food the plates, bowls, and silverware were spotless, the silverware were so clean and shiny that I was able to see my reflection. When I went into the restroom the floors appeared to be clean from what I could see. The sink didn't have any water around the edges, or scraps of paper towels anywhere. I was impressed by the entire restaurant and staff.

The Service:

The service was very quick and helpful. If you are really in a hurry and you already know what you want to eat, then they have kiosks that are available to you. A kiosk is an ipad where you are able to skip the line and order your food just like at the register except you are entering your choices in yourself. But not that there is anything wrong with the register, the cashier is very helpful too, but the kiosks are just faster. When I sat down waiting for my food, I didn't have to wait long, my food was brought out in less than six minutes, and nothing spilled over the top, or fell onto the plate. I recommend that more people come here because the workers, and managers are very customer-friendly, and these days it gets harder and harder to find good quality service.
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I gave this restaurant five stars because all of the employees work hard to keep Panera a clean, customer-friendly, environment. This type of environment is what keeps customers wanting to come back and enjoy their food even more than the last.