I wish...

by Karla Villacorta

I Wish

I wish I had my braces off already
I wish I had a drivers licence

I wish I had my lawyer's degree

I wish I i had naps

I wish I had three day weekends

I wish i had my gray contact lenses

I wish i had wings to fly

I wish I had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true.



There was once a little girl,

who grew up to be,

a loyal faithful lover,

her greatest gift to be,

to love and to be loved.

She knew the right from wrong,

as well as likes and don'ts,

her heart pumped up fast,

as thought she found the one.

Although there was a problem,

and it led to trouble,

these lovers were too young you see,

but love was stronger you see.

Although this led to chaos,

but never led to break up,

which made a stronger love, as well as stronger bond.

In the Classroom in a Test

I am stranded on this classroom,

with a pencil in my hand,

followed by a paper on my desk,

followed by the ticking of the clock,

with the tapping on the wall.

This silent place to be,

makes a tranquil atmosphere,

although I'm in a test,

I don't seem to concentrate.

I know I made a mess,

of paper on my desk,

I don't seem to have ideas,

although you have no idea.