For super heroes in need of a villain

Finding a Villian can be hard so times let us help you out by giving you helpful tips and information about getting a Villian.
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If you're a superhero in need of a supervillan your in luck that's what this story is all about. Don't worry the chances of you finding a supervillan doing something around the corner are huge. From the classic "I'm going to take over the world" to the "I am going to enslave everyone with motivation or purpos.
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See this old man looks random right. That is Stan lee he can be a where at anytime because he is who made you. Chances are if you ever have your own movie he's gonna be in it. This guy has been in all of the marvel movies from a casual background cameo to some love advice. There's often trouble around him to so if you see him greet him and get ready to fight because there's probably some Villian hiding just behind that wall.
How to pick one out from the crowd. Are they rich keep an eye out a scientist