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April 17, 2020

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Deer Park Digest Highlights April 17

Grading Updates

  • There no longer are Q 3 and Q 4 grading periods. There is one "expanded Q 3 marking period," which is also called Semester 2 (S 2). This is a State Department of Education decision. Students' final averages for the year will now be based upon their previously earned Semester 1 average while still in school, and their Semester 2 average, a large part of which occurred while out of school.

  • The Q 3 grade report that parents will receive at the end of this week is now being called the Q 3 interim progress report. If you are on Parent Portal, you can access the report. If we have your correct email in our computer data base, you will also receive the report that way. For families with neither of these forms of communication, the interim report card will be mailed.

  • The grades for the second half of this marking period will be from March 16, the first day students were out of school, to the end of the year.

  • There are no final exams.

  • Teachers have created assingments in Google Classroom for students to submit completed assignments from the instructional materials binder.

  • Students will now have no more than 2 graded assignments per week for each class.

  • Middle school students should spend 3-4 hours per day on instruction.

Family Supports: Hotline and Google Site

A Family Support Line has been established to provide a resource for students or parents that need additional support during this extended schools closure. This hotline is not to replace school based interventions and supports, our main goal is to assist families in connecting to resources which could be school counselors, parent advocates, DMH services, social workers, etc.

CCSD employees from the Departments of Alternative Programs, Counseling Services, and Intervention & Psychological Services will answer calls Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. The Family Support Hotline number is 843-937-7907.

As we continue with distance learning, it is important to share and teach expectations with our students. The Department of Alternative Programs has developed this site to provide learning matrices for completing work at home as well as SEL activities and resources for families: Family PBIS and SEL Google site

Se ha establecido una línea de apoyo familiar para proporcionar un recurso para los estudiantes o padres que necesitan apoyo adicional durante este cierre prolongado de escuelas. Esta línea directa no reemplaza las intervenciones y apoyos basados ​​en la escuela, nuestro objetivo principal es ayudar a las familias a conectarse con recursos que podrían ser consejeros escolares, defensores de padres, servicios de DMH, trabajadores sociales, etc. Los empleados de CCSD de los Departamentos de Programas Alternativos, Servicios de Consejería y Servicios de Intervención y Psicología responderán llamadas de lunes a viernes de 9:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m. El número de la línea directa de soporte familiar es 843-937-7907. Flyer Inglés Folleto español A medida que continuamos con el aprendizaje a distancia, es importante compartir y enseñar las expectativas con nuestros estudiantes. El Departamento de Programas Alternativos ha desarrollado este sitio para proporcionar matrices de aprendizaje para completar el trabajo en el hogar, así como actividades y recursos SEL para familias: Family PBIS y el sitio SEL de Google

Food Distribution Locations

104 South Cedar Street, Summerville SC 29483

Every Monday until further notice.

Thursday Starting April 16th-May 6, 2:30-4 pm

190 America Street, downtown Charleston

Friday Starting April 17-May 6 2:30-4 pm

183 President Street, downtown Charleston

COVID-19 Information & Resources

WIC: Starting April 13, SC Women, Infant and Children participants will no longer be required to visit WIC clinics. Appointments and the issuance of nutritional services will instead be made over the phone

SDE: the South Carolina Department of Education launched a website offering digital teaching and learning resources for teachers, parents and students during the current COVID-19 pandemic @

Scholastic (free resources for learning at home, grades PreK-9):

CFEC: Carolina Family Engagement Center is hosting a series of Virtual Family Talent Shows, open to all SC students PreK-12 @ resources and information for families visit

Palmetto Goodwill Virtual Career Services: Palmetto Goodwill is working behind the scenes through our new virtual call center to serve the needs of individuals affected by COVID-19. The call center phone number is 843.566.0072 and is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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From the Clinic: Resources from Nurse Mixter

"Your Child's Brain: What's Going on in There? Building Resilience at Home and at School" virtual workshop, April 22, 3pm CT: This free virtual parent workshop will explore how our children’s brains work and think during their educational years and provide tips on how to help kids learn, build resiliency and keep the brain working most efficiently. Hosted by Action for Healthy Kids and Colorado PTA in partnership with Wellness Training Specialists.

Every Kid Healthy Week (4/20-4/24)

It's almost here! While schools are not doing in-person events this year, there is still plenty of healthy fun to be had at home. Each day of the week, we will be posting activity ideas on our social media channels in addition to those found at

We are also hosting a series of 10-minute Facebook Live videos presented by our experts, so mark your calendars to tune in.
  • Mindfulness Monday 4/20, 3:30pm CT: On Mindfulness Monday, help your kids find their center and check in with how they’re feeling. Use this practice to set intentions for the week ahead or wind down before bed. Presented by Ashley Green, AFHK Program Manager and Yoga Teacher-in-Training
  • Tasty Tuesday 4/21, 2pm CT: On Tasty Tuesday, join with your kids for a taste test…with a twist. Learn how to customize a healthy homemade granola that goes from breakfast to snack time. Presented by Grace Perry, AFHK Program Manager and Registered Dietitian
  • Earth Day Wellness Wednesday 4/22, 4:30pm CT: On Earth Day Wellness Wednesday, learn how to use veggie scraps and household trash to grow new, healthy foods for your family—you don’t even need a garden. Presented by Danielle Marquez, AFHK Parent Amabassador and Gardener Extraordinaire
  • Thoughtful Thursday 4/23, 4pm CT: On Thoughtful Thursday, help your kids recognize and talk about what they are grateful for by learning how to build a “gratitude tree” centerpiece.
    Presented by Rob Bisceglie, AFHK CEO
  • Fitness Friday 4/24, 2pm CT: On Fitness Friday, get ready to test your concentration and physical activity skills with a game of “Up, Down. Stop, Go.” The whole family can participate and play – just prep a small space with enough room to move around. Presented by Tashan Kilkenny, AFHK State Coordinator and Youth Development Specialist

Star Student of the Week

Star Students of the Week 4/13 - 4/17
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