Holiday Concert and Fair, Dec. 22nd

Fusion Kids on Stage

Holiday Extravaganza

Friday, Dec. 22nd, 4-5:15pm

4965 Ringwood Meadow

Sarasota, FL

Behind school- Court Yard Stage Area

See important Details below

  • Show Begins PROMPTLY at 4pm
  • Fusion Students should be signed out by parent (Ms. Aimee will call parents up class by class, immediately following the show.
  • After the show, students whose parents were unable to make it will be helped back to class.
  • Please do NOT forget to sign your child out in the main building. BE SURE to grab your little ones things as the school will be locked and empty for Winter Break.
  • Please keep in mind that your child will be asked to continue to follow the school rules and show respect for their learning environment when families are present :)
  • Following the show, students whose families have arrived may enjoy Organic Cocoa, Games and Crafts brought to you by The Learning Cottage Parent Committee.


A spacial visit from Santa's Helpers

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