Ryan Dubois

Do You Know About Baseball?

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Table of Contents


1 Types of Baseball Games

2 What You Wear

3 Teams

4 How to Play

5 Baseball Cards

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Strike out!

Who hits the baseball?

A batter.

I teach you about baseball.

Chapter 1: Types of Baseball Games

The PS3 and the Leap TV are game systems.

The baseball game is on TV and video game systems.

The field game is the real game of baseball.

Chapter 2: What a Baseball Player Wears?

The baseball player wears sunglasses.

He wears cleats and pants.

He wears a hat and a helmet.

He wears a jersey and a mitt.

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Chapter 3: Teams

The Boston Red Sox are my favorite team.

The lots of teams out in Boston New York Lowell and lots more.

The Red Sox are on fall break. The Red Sox have to do spring training .

Two teams play on the baseball field.

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Chapter 4: How to Play the Field Game

The hitter hits the ball with a baseball bat.

He runs to first base, second base and third base.

The other team has to stop him.

The other team tags the hitter or the base.

The hitter runs to home plate and gets a point.

The hitter hits the ball out of the park and gets a home run.

The team wins from a lot of points.

Chapter 5: Baseball Cards

You can buy baseball cards in packages at the gift shop.

The baseball cards in the package have the players.

They have colorful pictures of baseball players and name and team on the front.

The stats for baseball players are on the back.

The special edition cards have awesome animation on them.

They are collectors items.

About the Author

My name is Ryan James Dubois. I am eight. I live in Salem, New Hampshire. I am in third grade at Fisk Elementary School. I love baseball. It is so awesome! I like playing a lot of stuff.