The Titans Curse

Book Report By:Andrew bates

Join Half-bloods for the fight!

Join the fight with half-bloods against Kronos and all his monsters and titans.Hes a mean killing machine but if the gods and half-bloods work together they might beat his army.Will you join the fight against Kronos?

Each day Kronos army grows.

Kronos army isnt the only thing growing each day Typhoon walks closer and closer to Manhattan growing in power the gods are powerless against him...alone that is but if u join today we can stop it.We are looking to recruit healers and archers.

Come with a Attitude and a will to fight!

Frequently asked questions

1.Are we going to die?There's a slight possibility that you may die but what did u expect from a monster army.2.Can we raid any stores on the way?The answer is no not unless we desperately need supplies.

We are Half-Bloods!

We don't have any social networks to communicate by because you know half-bloods are tracked by electronics.


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