EE Oliver Elementary

May 2022 Newsletter

1/2F Feature

We are hatching baby ducks. It is so exciting! Our ducklings will take about 28 days to hatch. We put our eggs in the incubator on May 16th. There are seven eggs in the incubator. We candled the eggs (shone a light through them) and they are all fertilized. We can see a black dot and blood vessels. The blood vessels bring food to the baby duckling. Ducklings grow fast. First the heart and brain grow. A big eye grows. Then the duckling grows around the eye. The feet and body grow and the duckling starts getting feathers. A mother duck would turn the eggs while she is sitting on them. Our incubator turns the eggs every 45 minutes. We need to check the temperature and the water. On about day 28 the ducklings will start breathing. They start cracking the shell with their egg tooth. It takes about 12 hours or more for the duckling to get out of its shell. Ducklings are cute and adorable. They are fluffy and they are going to be cheeping. We will get to hold them. When they are a few days old we will watch them swim. It is fun to watch them swim around and play with them!

Written by: McKinley, Jack, Hayden, Lucas, Dallan, Emerson and Juliet

Mary Lambert Go Go Green

On Thursday, May 26th our school welcomed entertainer, Mary Lambert to perform with students from kindergarten to grade 3. It was such an awesome show and everyone had such fun participating! Thanks Mrs. Lentz for being a staff volunteer!!

Leaders as Readers

To celebrate Education Week and Canadian Children's Book Week, we invited some leaders from our community into our school. We held a short assembly where any students who dressed as their favourite book character got to parade in front of their school mates. Wow! There were some absolutely amazing costumes!!

We then partnered up our leaders with classes where they got to discuss who they are, what they do and how they became a leader. They even got to read a book or two to the classes! We cannot thank our volunteers enough! Our kids had a blast!

Nicole Heck

Perlita Daubert & Hannah Bax

Daryl Greenhill

Charlie Kaufmann

Constable Hawkins & Constable Guet

Sherrill Roy

Laura Ball

Jamie Parliament

Paige Madson

Chris Laue

Dave Brisbin

Ed Luck

Paul Buck

Karla MacLeod

Chris Eakin

Amie Schultz

Cailin Moore

Slam Jam is a wrap!!

Slam Jam 2022 was awesome!! We had 3 teams this year and all our players were brilliant! Everyone grew so much in their skills and development! They all conducted themselves well and we are so proud to have been able to coach. We are already looking forward to next year!

Our Eagles won the Honorable Mention for our sportsmanship award. This award was really set as a focus for our students this year as it shows not their skills but who they are as people.

Raptors played off in the Bronze medal game and it was a nail biter! Our kids went down by two points but fought right until the final buzzer. Nice work!

For the first time in over a decade we had an EE Oliver team win the gold!! It was a rematch of the final game at the Mini Paws Tournament but this time we came out on top! Well done !

We would like to thank everyone involved in our season.

Our coaches - Ben Coghill, Cash Wurz, Audrey Nicholson & Reegan McDonald.

All our referees. C-aira, Sullivan, Tyla, Quanalee, Maia, Sonja, Cara & Skyler

All our scorekeepers - Sydnee, Laila, Magnolia, Kohlton, Wyatt, Benjamin, Evan, Kimmy, Miss Litke & Mr. Gordon

All our parent volunteers

All our sponsors - The Butter Chicken Co., WCM, Gladiator Automation, Whelan Family, Robles Family, Duncan Family, Bjornson Family & Klemchuk Family

Mrs. Avignon for organizing volunteers and then stepping in when needed. She's a heck of a kitchen organizer!

Ms. Furstenwerth for her hours of coaching.

Mrs. Coghill!! This event simply would not happen without her! She spends countless hours organizing referees, scorekeepers, uniforms, other teams, groceries, prize tables, schedules, gym set up, trophy's and medals. And she does it al with a smile on her face!! So next time you see her, give her a high five as a thanks!

Boat Day in Grade 2

Declamation 2022

Congratulations to all our students who competed in declamation this year. Public Speaking is said to be feared by over 77% of the population! Two students from each class were selected to advance to the schoolwide competition on April 28th. From these students we had a winner who advanced to the divisional level which was held at STM on May 5th. We had our grade 1 student (Name withheld due to FOIP) win at the Divisional Competition! Well done to everyone!

Cake Auction & Talent Show

Make sure you mark your calendars for our awesome event!!

If you are submitting a cake, please just bring your entry to the library by 10 am on June 3. Forms will be completed on arrival! Our auction will take place at the Talent Show at 7pm on June 3!!

Make sure you come out and support our budding talents and enjoy a sweet treat and a drink. Entry is $5/adult $2 /child. All proceeds will go to our Ukrainian families!!

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Alternative Learning Environments

Spring has sprung and PRSD is excited to have more opportunities for students to be learning outdoors and participating in hands on experiences with their peers. Classroom activities are being shifted, and many teachers are taking advantage of the sunshine and planning their lessons to incorporate more fresh air and active engagement. Most physical education classes are now happening outdoors, with many preparing and participating in Track and Field days, and staff have started organizing fun and engaging field trips for students to take part in outside of their schools.

PRSD strongly believes that field trips are essential for all students’ growth. They provide firsthand experiences that stimulate interest and motivation to relevant core subjects, strengthen observation and perception skills and promote social development. Many junior and senior high classes have taken trips to Edmonton to either explore post secondary institutes or experience learning based attractions such as the Telus World of Science. Others are planning trips to Grande Prairie to visit Northwestern Polytechnic to learn about the post secondary classes they offer. These types of field trips are crucial for our older students as they provide important insights into how they may further their education once they’ve completed high school.

Some classes are expanding their boundaries and preparing for overnight trips to Grande Prairie to see the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum to learn more about the area’s significance, plus some are travelling to Quebec to explore and discover what the province has to offer. Many of our elementary classes have plans to visit Historical Dunvegan to participate in engaging history lessons, and most are planning year end trips to bowling alleys, swimming pools and gymnastics centres.

Alternative learning environments have a significant and positive impact on students and PRSD is continuously looking for ways to incorporate them into the school year. We look forward to finding new ways for students to grow their knowledge beyond their classroom walls and are excited to expose them to unique learning situations.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our parents, supervisors, support staff and teachers, we can bring these opportunities to our students and create educational experiences they will remember for years to come.

Adam Murray
Superintendent of Schools

Circle Track Meet

Yay!! Our Circle Track meet will be happening again next Thursday, June 2nd!

Parents are welcome to attend either as volunteers ( call Erin at the office) or just to hang out with your child's class.

This is a class versus class event and is just meant for fun.

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Support Staff Appreciation Lunch

On Wednesday, May 18th all EEO Support Staff were treated to an absolutely amazing Appreciation Lunch. So often these ladies blend into their surroundings and go unnoticed! Or so we thought! Thank you so much to Ms. Furstenwerth for organizing this. Also to Ms. Gamble and Mrs. Phelps who were merry little helpers. And a huge thanks to every teacher who provided food and drinks!

We really appreciate it!

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Long Service Awards

On Tuesday, May 17th we had some special guests in the building to help celebrate our staff Long Service Awards. We welcomed Superintendent Adam Murray, School Trustee Robyn Robertson & PRSD Communications Rep Dani Wearden.

Celebrating 5 years with PRSD was teacher, Mrs. Dayna Buck and Educational Assistant Mrs. Billie Keddie

10 years with the division are Vice Principal, Ms. Christina Gamble & Custodians, Mr. Don & Mrs. Bev Calder & Educational Assistant, Mrs Debie Kauenhaufen(not in attendance)

We also recognized the retirement of Mrs. Sue Hills although she could not attend.

We would like to thank all these wonderful people who really make our school a better place

Volunteers needed for nutritional hot lunch

We are in need of a few volunteers for the next two weeks (our last two weeks) of our nutritional lunch. Wednesday June 1 will be nice and easy with Chicken Pot Pies!!

June 8 for Hot Dogs!

Important Dates


27th - Dress as yourself in 50 years

31st - Grade 5 Swimming Lessons


2nd - Circle Track Meet

3rd - Cake Auction

3rd - Talent Show 7pm

3rd - FinS release

6th - NO SCHOOL - PD Day

7th - AMA Patrollers Celebration

8th - Grade 1 & 2 to Dunvegan

9th - Hot Lunch Fundraiser

9th - Parent v Student Dodgeball Tournament 6:30pm

10th - Hines Creek Track Meet (tentative)

10th - Grade 5 Sleepover

14th - Grade 1,2,5,6 Hand Games and Drumming

15th - Grade 4 to Dunvegan

15th - Grade 6 to FHS Orientation

16th - Grade 6 PAT ELA

17th - Grade 2 to George Lake

17th - Grade 6 PAT Social Studies

17th - Grade 3 Swimming

20th - Grade 6 PAT Math

20th - 2L & 1/2F Picnic

20th - Grade 3 to Peace River

20th - Grade 6 bowling

21st - Indigenous Peoples Day

21st - T/Th and AM Kindergarten Grad in gym 11am-12pm

21st - T/Th and AM Kindergarten to HC Splash Park 1pm

21st - Grade 6 Swimming

22nd - Grade 6 PAT Science

22nd - Grade 6 Farewell Assembly 1:15pm

22nd - W/F Kindergarten Grad in gym 11am - 12pm

22nd - W/F Kindergarten to HC Splash Park 1pm

22nd - Grade 3 Bowling

23rd - Grade 1 & 2 to HC Splash Park 12pm

23rd - Grade 4 bowling and swimming

23rd - Grade 5 Swimming

24th - Grade 5 Bowling

24th - Formal Day


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