Your Earth Travel Guide

Where are mission is to explore the very reason we are here.

What is Earth?

Earth is the planet on which human life was created. This planet has a massive history of human involvement but, most of it is war and such. Earth also contains the historic creation of robots and nuclear power. you have every reason to visit this planet and learn about its past or see some sites like Mount Everest, The Grand Canyon, the large ice glaciers in the northern most part of the planet or even Earths Moon, which is a white, large piece of Earth that was broken off by a traveling meteor that rammed Earth.

Where is it?

The Earth is located in The Milky Way Galaxy in the First Known Solar System. When You come close to The First Known Solar System you will see a relatively "small sun" and eight planets and one dwarf planet. Earth is the third one from The Sun a green planet with a deep blue ocean, kind of like the one below.

The Seasons of Earth

Earths' weather changes are made up of four different seasons which are summer, fall, winter and spring. The seasons are controlled by the rotation and revolutions of Earths axis. Rotation is the spinning of Earth on its axis and revolution is the orbiting The Sun. The Earths main source of energy for living and thriving is The Sun; The Sun is basically a giant fireball made up of helium and hydrogen. Both of these gasses work together to create nuclear fission which creates heat and light. The light from The Sun provides heat and light for the Earth and the Earths plants use that eat and light to start photosynthesis which creates food for the rest of the environment.

Why are there spheres here?

'Why are the spheres here?' might be a question you have. All these planets are in a spherical form because of gravity. Gravity is the force that holds this very planet, solar system, galaxy and universe together.

What a Flash!

Light is fast, very fast. It moves at about 186,00 miles per second but, then you might ask 'how fast is a light year' or 'what is a light year'. Well, a light year is the distance light travels in a year or 365 days, which is over six trillion miles.


Where ever you ma be traveling on this planet you will need to keep everything from hot dry weather to below freezing weather, which means you'll need to take a jacket and some swim trunks.