Finnish Americans

By: Sarah D.

Finnish History

The Finnish people came from a country called Finland. They started immigrating in the middle of the nineteenth century because of safety from all of the wars they were having there. They also came to the U.S. because of gold discoveries in California. Most Finnish immigrants went to California. Some went to the north-east places like Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. The rest settled in Canada.

3-5 additional facts

~ By 1930, about 350,000 Finn's immigrated to America.

~ Most Finn's took third class on the steamship while immigrating to America.

~ On the day of the Titanic, 63 Finnish people were on that ship and only 20 of them survived.

A Tradition They Brought To America

Finnish people brought their annual "Finn Fest". Every year, Finnish people celebrate their heritage. They do it in a different city every year.

Recipe For Finnish Cheese

What you will need:

  • Two gallons of milk
  • Three tablespoons of cornstarch
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • One teaspoon of rennet


  1. Heat milk to 90* then add salt, sugar, cornstarch and rennet.
  2. Then, remove from heat.
  3. Then, let it set until it is gelled.
  4. When it has set, cut it in x's with a spoon until the consistency of cottage cheese.
  5. After cutting it, let it sit for another 30 minutes until they mat together at the bottom of the pot.
  6. Drain off they whey.
  7. Place the curd into a 10 by 12 cake pan, then broil until it has browned.
  8. Remove and cool it enough to flip the curd over.
  9. Once you have flipped it over, spread a little butter and lightly salt it.
  10. Last, broil it again until browned.