Szczypiorski's Superstars

September News


We are all so excited to be together in class this year! We are all looking forward to a GREAT year!!!!


What is metacognition??? Metacognition is thinking about your thinking! Over the past week we have learned that metacognition helps us to become "real readers". Please ask your third grader what the difference between "real reading" and "fake reading" means to them as third graders. Enjoy the pictures below as we use paint cards from LOWE'S to help us identify with ourselves as metacognitive readers. You should see these "metacognition cards" coming home each night with your child. These instructional cards should come home each day in your son/daughter's independent reading book (DEAR). They are not only an instructional tool, but also great book markers :-) !!!


We are all UNIQUE!!!!

We shared the story, "The Crayon Box that Talked" by Shane DeRolf and discovered together that celebrating each others uniqueness makes us come together as a classroom family and a "picture". In Shane DeRolf's story, the crayons can not find a way to get along until the realize that without one another their picture is incomplete. We learned that together, we complete our classroom family and our own "box of crayons" with all the unique character traits that we each have.

"We are a box of crayons!

Each one of us UNIQUE;

but when we get TOGETHER,

our picture is COMPLETE!"

We hope you enjoy the pictures of us creating our box of crayons!!!!


We had a GREAT time creating our posters and sharing them with our friends! We were so excited to take them down a week later and ADD NEW names of all of our NEW classroom friends!!! We discovered together that we have met many new friends!!!!!

Welcome to our family "CHICKALICIOUS" Friends!

WOW!!!! What a great experience we had as first time parents to our baby chicks!!!! They were beyond cute and adorable! We fell in love with them instantly and we were very sad to see them leave. In the gallery of pictures to follow you will see how we observed our chicks go through their stages of life right in front of our very own eyes! It was incredible!!!!

We named our "chickalicious" friends. Their names are Ed, Jeff, Buster, Bailey, Peepers, Fluffy, and Pack. Our first chick out of its egg was "Peepers" and boy did he live up to his name. He was so excited to be with us and he let us know it!!!! One of our chicks did not survive the lifecycle and that was Ed. We were sad but we were very happy that 6 our chicks were happy and healthy. We hope you enjoy our pictures!


9/30 ~ UNIT 1 MATH TEST Students have study guides, but they are not required to do any of the review for homework. If they would like to work on it please have them do ODD numbers only!

10/3 ~ SCIENCE QUIZ "Chicks" Study guide to come home on Monday!

10/3 ~ SPELLING QUIZ We will have our spelling quiz on "Words Writers Use" next Friday.