by:ethan nguyen

eggs facts

1.the foodborne illness in eggs are salmonella that is really harmful to you and your body to disgust.

2.there are different sizes of eggs like grade C,B,A, and AA. AA is being the largest kind of eggs.

3.they are all goof but its the way you need them I would choose grade AA because there are many things you can do with them.

4.eggs should be stored in a cool place so the eggs wont get spoils and should be in a safe place they wont crack. they should be gone bye 3-4 weeks before buying new ones. can use eggs for thickener, binding, baking, and mixing. there are many ways to use eggs for a dish.

Big image egg can be cooked, boiled, fried. these ways are the most efficient way to make eggs great.

7.eggs can give you great protein and nutrients can be turned into egg whites and that will cut off a lot of fat and give you great protein and nutrients. it can be a great diet food

9.when cracking an egg its impossible to crack it in your palms

eggs contain the highest protein that you can buy

yolk is natural source of vitamin D



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