Tacoless Teens

Help these deprived teenagers get what they deserve


To raise support for this worthy cause, post a picture on instagram using #prayforcarolineandrachel or text "mexican food" to 804-665-7618.

Team No Taco

To show your support, write "team no taco" on your hand on December 19, 2014 because you hold tacos with your hands.

Why should I support this?

Caroline Benedetti and Rachel Leipold are eighth graders, 13 years of age and have never had Taco Bell. That is a sin! They can't go another year without a taste of true greatness. So let's give Caroline and Rachel a Merry Christmas and give them what they've been waiting for for 13 years, a taco from Taco Bell.

A message from Caroline

"I had a rough life growing up... I never went to a taco bell but only to a Mcdonald's... It was hard..."
Bikkja - In the arms of an angel (S.McLachlan- chorus only) REQUEST

Moment of Silence for the tacoless

Friday, Jan. 16th 2015 at 11:45am


Remain silent for 30 seconds to support those who have never had Taco Bell

A message from future principal, Alex Goldman

"Stand up for the tacoless, because they don't have tacos."