Weekly Wrap Up Middle School

October 27, 2017

Goodbye Barron!!

The rumor is true! Barron Whited is moving on to new horizons.....high school horizons that is! He has accepted a new position in the HS guidance department and will be pursuing his passion to work with students to develop their college and career paths! We will certainly miss him at the middle school but wish him the best of luck in high school!

Data Day is Monday

  • Teachers will be sending CDT literature and math reports to homeroom students along with a pamphlet to read and understand the reports, as well as a document to begin to write goals for the next benchmark period.
  • Review CDT data and CQA data (if available) to identify any areas of strength and any areas of need
  • Curriculum PLC teams meet to identify and/or review what standards will be taught during the next quarter (if you have not done so please send standards to curriculum coordinators by the end of the day Monday, so they can begin to design the common assessment for 2nd quarter).
  • We will meet to review data relevance and importance and general information later in the day.
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I just wanted to send out a thank you to all teachers for the hard work each of you are doing every day for your students! I know many of you think we do not see it but I have been viewing recorded sessions since I have been traveling and in and out of my office quite a bit! Great things are happening in the classrooms! Remember you are teachers so teach and have fun! Try to remember why you became an educator and why you choose to enter this career knowing the pay is not high, the hours are long, and parents and students are not always the most positive!!! It is easy to go down a negative path but I challenge each of you to remain positive and try to find one positive each day!! Share it with your team and me!! I love to hear and see what you do and see as positives in class! Have a wonderful weekend!!

~ Bridget

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