World War I timeline

By Ricky Cheng

Creation of Alliances

Germany, Italy and Austria - Hungary signed an alliance which had a lot of influence in South Europe. This was known as the triple alliance

France, Russia and Britain signed an alliance. This was known as the triple entente.

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Russia and France forms an alliance because of their enemy- Germany
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Great Britain felt threatened due to Germany building a large navy. In response, Great Britain rushed to build warships. These two countries were involved in an arms race.
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The Serbs were outraged because Austria -Hungary annexed Bosnia. Bosnia had previously belonged to the Ottoman Empire.
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February 1915

German submarines sunk any boats in water due to war. This act angered many countries, this act went against the international treaty. This treaty stated that they would not sink any civilian ships.
The Use Of U Boats In WWI

May 7, 1915

A German Submarine sunk the British ship, Lusitania. Over 1000 people died including 128 Americans. This angered many Americans, resulting in Americans wanting to go to war with Germany.
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January 1917

Arthur Zimmerman sent a telegram to Mexico stating that if Mexico declare war on the U.S., they would get lost land from the Mexican - American War.
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Feb. to March 1917

German submarines sink 6 more American ships.
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April 2nd 1917

Wilson petitions to Congress to declare war on Germany after the sinking of the boats and the Zimmerman telegram.
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America enters the war, we had more than 200,000 troops but many people were volunteering.
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Selective Service Act - all men between 21 and 30 are required to register for the draft. 2 million men volunteered for military service. 2.8 million men were drafted.
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March 1917

Czar stepped down due to riots. This marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution. When a temporary government started, people began to starve because they wanted to stay in the war.
Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, 14th May 1896, Russia. Film 11138

November 1917

Valdimir Lenin's party,Bolsheviks, seized power and established a Communist government.
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Treaty of Brest - Litovsk, Russia gave Ukraine its territories.
The Treaty of Brest Litovsk by Allison McGlynn

July 4

AEF arrives in Paris. These fresh troops brought momentum and manpower to beat the Germans.
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March 1918

Germany's last offensive, they were able to push deep reaching 40 miles from Paris. In the end, the French and American troops held their ground.
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June 1, 1918

American and French troops blocked the German to Paris.
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Sept 26, 1918

Battle of Argonne Forest - Biggest American offensive from AEF. Early November, Americans opened a hole in the eastern flank and the Germans started to retreat.
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Oct. 1918

Many countries declare independence such as Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

November 9

Germany became a republic

November 11

Government agrees to stop fighting by signing an agreement

November 11, 1918

The war ended.
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January 1919

Treaty of Versailles - high ranking officials from 27 countries came together to make peace.
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