Sabercat Update

August 6, 2020

Dear Sabercat Families,

Soon the 2020-2021 school year will begin. Rest assured it will be like no other. In my 25 years of education, this will be my most difficult year as a leader. We are charged with so many things that are out of our control, but ultimately weigh heavy on our shoulders and hearts.

Our school community looks to us for an exceptional education for their students. This year will be no exception! We are working tirelessly to plan highly engaging instruction, both virtually and in person. This new platform of Schoology will require a lot of training, practice, and grace from all our participants, both student and staff. We are up for the challenge and excited to get started! Believe me, education will never look the same after this year.

For us the instruction will be the easy part. The most difficult aspect will be navigating the pandemic of COVID 19 and in person learning. Whether your feelings/fears are at one or a ten, all thoughts, feelings, and opinions are valid. My charge as the principal is to move the ones and the tens closer to the middle.

I have talked to numerous parents and surveyed my staff. It is clear both have the same fears and concerns that I am sure many of you have too. We have parents and teachers who have expressed concern that contracting COVID could affect their livelihood. Others have underlying health conditions and fear they are at high risk. Many have the fear of passing it to an elderly parent, an immune-compromised child/spouse, and the list goes on. All are valid fears because we know it can truly happen.

It is a fact that our teachers and students will come in contact with hundreds of people a day while on campus. At Smith, we are going to have to have a WE, mentality, not a me mentality. It is going to take all of us working together to stop the spread of COVID 19 on our campus.

We know that there are health protocols that stop the spread of COVID 19 thus saving lives. Bottom line, we need to protect all of our students, staff, and their families at home. I know a mask is uncomfortable, but they save lives. Everyone that enters our building must wear a mask. I know it is not comfortable, but it is something that WE must do for others. We can not think our comfort is above another person’s safety and well-being.

Additional protocols will include the following:

· social distancing

· following the flow of the hallway

· not sharing materials

· washing hands frequently

· Frequent use of hand sanitizer

· sitting at students assigned lunch seat.

We want to keep our on campus students and staff healthy and free from contracting COVID 19. It will take all of us on campus working together! We are excited to see our Sabercats and get this year started!

Warmest regards,

Becky Koop

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