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Hicksville Middle School

A Word from Ms. Rees...

In the past few weeks Hicksville Middle School students have been working to complete the new PARCC and AIR assessments and the final assignments for Quarter 3, while testing out the new Block Schedule. These last few weeks have certainly been met with much success, but also challenge as some students struggled to remember to complete homework assignments and study for tests/quizzes. As we look forward to the last quarter of the year, I have included in this email major topics of study and assignments for the upcoming week. I have listed a date to be assigned and/or due date for each.

Please note that I have included many pictures from our latest activities and of some unique creatures that I met while attending the 2015 National Science Teachers Association Conference. Scroll through the email to check them out!

Grades for this week?

Science 8 students will be earning grades on the following assignments for the week:

  1. Study Island: On Tuesday (3/24/15), students will complete a Study Island assignment over strategies organisms use to produce offspring and pass genetic information to future offspring. This assignment will be due on Wednesday (3/25/2015) and will be worth 50 points.
  2. Life Science Quiz: Students will be quizzed on Wednesday (3/25/2015) over strategies organisms use to pass genetic information to offspring, in addition to, cell products of mitosis and meiosis.
  3. Zaption Video Homework: On Wednesday, students will test out a new video homework system, Zaption, through which students will watch a quick introductory video to Mendelian Genetics and answer questions. This video will serve to introduce students to this new concept before we take notes in class on Thursday. A homework grade will be entered for this assignment.

What have we been up to?

Big image
Students explored static electricity and the idea of repulsion between like charges. In this picture, a group has been successful in hovering a plastic ring over a charged balloon.
Big image
Students continued to explore static electricity by creating a non-newtonian fluid and observing its attraction to a charged balloon.
Big image
Students explored the relationship between electricity and magnetism by creating a small electromagnet. In this picture a group has successfully created the magnet and is testing it by picking up paperclips.
Big image
Big image
Recently I attended the 2015 National Science Teachers Association Conference. While walking the exhibit hall I found a group of Sea World handlers sharing interesting creatures with the visitors. Above you will find pictures of a Screech Owl and a Two-Toed Sloth. How exciting!
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Study Island

Students will use Study Island to complete review questions for the upcoming state science tests.