Colton A.


My theme of my life is about Determination for I have learned to complete a goal you must give some effort. Along with Determination, I have learned to try your best.

The Plot

At the start of Third Grade, we were given these multiplication tests that would test our abilities to multiply a certain number starting at 2. Once we completed the 10th multiplication test we would go onto to division. I got to about the 6th test in the multiplication series then I started failing over and over again. I finally decided to actually study for the tests. After studying and learning various tricks for multiplication I finally got a better score! I recall moving into the 7th division test before we stopped doing the tests.



The story features me of course because this is the theme of my life. In third grade, I was fairly introverted. During that time, I was not the most astute student in the class, in fact I still am, but I was moderately intelligent.

The Teacher

The teacher whom is a main character gave me the test that caused the entire story. She was somewhat stern, but not enough to yell at a student for whispering to another.


The 3rd Grade Classroom

The main setting of the story takes place in the 3rd Grade classroom. The classroom was the average size for a classroom, it was nothing special. It has what you would expect from a third grade classroom, educational posters, standard desks and chairs.


In this setting, I studied for the math tests. I usually studied and had a snack right after I got home. I'd often study until about 4 and then resume studying at around 7 or 8.