Peter Zaluckyj


  • About 100 popsicle sticks or toothpicks
  • A bottle of Glue or Roll of Tape (Glue works better)

Picking the Bridge

First you want to pick your bridge, they are many different ones, but if your a newbie you should try one of these three basic ones.

Some of the Top Models

The Steps

First Step

You will want to gather your materials

Second Step

Design how you want it to look, it you try to wing it, it usually won't work out too well

Third Step

Build the outline or skeleton of the bridge

Forth Step

Build the supports to, well support the bridge

Fifth Thing

Add extra things if needed, such as a cover(road) or a little design

If you ever need to build a bridge for your archtitural purposes

Contact Info

Just incase you have questions

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