Afternoon Session

Part III: Using Technology to Communicate with Parents

Communicating with parents via technology can benefit everyone (parents, teachers, and students). Making information readily accessible is important helps to establish trust. Parents want their children to succeed and they look to educator to help them make it possible.

1. Using Social Networking to Communicate with Parents

Google Classroom

  • A social networking platform that allows students to send instant messages to fellow students and teachers. Teachers CREATE classrooms and can assign information for students to REVIEW, as well as ASSIGNMENTS for students to complete (using the Google Apps). This is student and teacher friendly. In fact, it took less than FIVE MINUTES to create the classroom and about FIFTEEN MINUTES to enroll a class of students.
  • Similar Platforms include Moodle for Education and Edmodo.
  • Parents can access the site and see information that pertains to their child. It helps in making sure that parents are aware of upcoming events and assignments.

Create a Facebook Account

  • Create an account for parents to join. Display important information about your class. Don't forget to showcase pictures of class projects and the Student of the Week. (Get permission from parents before posting and pictures of their children on the internet

2. Helping with Homework

Screen Chomp
  • A platform supported by Apple Devices that allows teachers/ students to share information in the form of video tutorials. These videos can be shared as links that can be reviewed for assistance in HOMEWORK or for a DEMONSTRATION of student understanding. There is an audio feature that records the presenter's voice, making it personal. For a LITERARY COMPONENT a teacher could have students to write out what they intend to say. It can be used in ANY SUBJECT AREA to assist in student learning.

  • There are other platforms that are similar and are supported by both ANDROID and APPLE DEVICES. Those include both Educreations and ShowME.
Example of a Screen Chomp to help parents as they assist their children with homework.

Final Activity

  • Pick one Social Networking Site and begin creating your Virtual Classroom. Think about the training that you have received today and incorporate those skills, feelings, and attitudes into your site.


  • Create an action plan to increase parental involvement in your classroom based on what you learned today.