North V.S. South

Civil War


Abraham Lincon was the president of the North. He was not a big fan of slavery at all so there fore, alot of the southern stated seceded from the north.

Jefferson Davis was the president of the south. Eh was the opposite of Abraham Lincon. He was for slavery, so North could not beg him.

Military Leaders

The Military Leader of the north was a guy named Ulysses S. Grant. He was a leader ship Aberaham Lincon.

Robert E. Lee He fought on home ground. He also had a very strong militarty tradition.

The 5 causes of the Civil War


slavery ~ Slavery was one big reason why the civil war started. The North did not wante slavery. They thought. They felt it was harsh to punishes people. They would also be ynpaid slaves. They did not like that.

The south people depended on slavery. They thought that if they lost their slaves, or slavery as a whole, they would be come bankrupt.



The northern people used there cotton that they had by turning it inot finished goods. How ever the south took the cotton, and removed the seads from the cotton. They depended on this cotton.


States rights v.s. Federal rights

The southern people felt that they should have more control over the states or more power to the national government.

The North felt that the idea of states have the right to limit the power of the federal government or more power to the states.



North wanted higher tax on foreign goods. They decided that they wanted to make there own goods.

The southern people bought there goods over seas instead of purchising them from the north. They felt it was cheaper to buy from over seas then from the north people.


Cultural differences

The north was more educated then the south, on the other hand the south did more farm work, and they were less educated.


The Northern people had an advantage of 12 extra states. They had a total of 23 states, and the southern people had a total of 11 states. The northen people also had a bigger population. They had 23 million people, and the southern people only had 3.5 million people

The Southern people had a a strong military with Robert E. Lee and they fought with guns and swords. They also had strong modavation.


The Southern people are at a a disadvatage for there statea and their population. The only have 11 states and only 3.5 million people. The northern people have a whole lot more than that.

the northern people do not have guns and swords to fight with like the southern people. They are at a low disadvatage when it comes to fighing other people.

General Information

The civil war was caused by many problems between the north and the southern people. Between money and the two presidents who had opposite feelings, there were a lot of issues between the north and the south. Pretty soon they decided to have a big war known as the Civil War to try to settel the issues between the two sides.