Chinese Immigrants

Bryce Leung

Chinese Immigration

The chinese immigrants where hired by americans to help make the railroads. Most of them where hired knowing they where gonna die while making the railroad. They needed to make 1,700 miles of railroad across plains and mountains. The chinese immigrants would use nitroglycerin to blow up the middle of mountains to make room for the railroad to pass through. Chinese immigrants would die in the process of blowing up the mountains. The immigrants would light nitroglycerin and have to run out of the mine to try to stop himself from blowing up. The chinese immigrants came from Angel Island in CA.

The CPC covered 742 miles which was harsher land to cover track and UPC covered 1038 miles of land which was just plains and flat ground. The Chinese immigrants started laying track in Sacremento California 1863. Chinese immigrants where hired because they where cheap to pay for the railroad to be built they would make $27 to $30 a month. Chinese immigrants also had to get the whole entire railroad track done in 10 years. Chinese immigrants would work day and night. Some days they would cover more than the other day. The chinese immigrants where hired because of their low cost and how they worked. Chinese immigrants where very hard workers.

Chinese immigrants where treated worst than Irish immigrants. Irish immigrants would get paid $35 a month with board provided. Chinese immigrants would only get paid about $30 with no food included so they would have to pay for all their food with $30 which would leave them with hardly any left over money. Chinese immigrants where also strictly just mail workers.

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The Rights and Responsibilities of Immigrant Workers and The Transcontinental Railroad

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