Number The Stars

Lois Lowry

by:Shaelyn Snellman

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Plot Outline

Exposition-Setting Copenhagen, Denmark 1943,All Characters: Annemarie, Mr. and Mrs. Rosen, Mr. and Mrs. Johansen, Ellen, Kirsti, The Nazi soldiers."Denmark surrendered to Germany in 1940 ,which Papa had explained to Annemarie."page 133

Rising Action-Nazi soldiers were placed on every corner in Copenhagen.On the street Osterbrogade,Ellen,Annemarie,and Kirsti weretold to halt by some of the soldiers."Halte!"the soldier ordered in a stern voice.The German word was familiar as it was frightening."page 2

Climax-The Germans start looking for all of the Jews in Denmark.Ellen is sent to stay with Annemarie and she pretends to be her dead sister,Lise when the Nazi soldiers come door to door looking for Ellens family.To make sure they don't find Ellen,Mrs. Johansen takes them to her brothers house,Uncle Henrik."We must take the girls to Henrik's.I think today is the day to go to your brother's."page 51

Falling Action-At Uncle Henrik's,they fake a family members death and invite some Jews over.When they brought in the casket,it was filled with clothing and blankets.Soon Annemarie finds out that the fisherman would be sneaking the Jews to Sweden so the Nazi's don't find them."Annemarie realized that Uncle Henrik was going to take them,in his boat,across the sea to Sweden."page 94

Resolution-The war ended two years later and Annemarie was now twelve.Even though Ellen was far away,Annemarie knew she would see her again someday."I can fix it .When the Rosens come home you can give the necklace back to Ellen."page 132


The conflict is man vs. society,because people in Copenhagen are trying to protect the Jews from being captured by the Nazi soldiers.


The theme is always be brave and have pride,even during the toughest moments of your life."How brave are you little Annemarie?"he said 75

"But,"he added,"it is much easier to be brave than to know everything.We only Know what we need to know."

Protagonist-Annemarie is the protagonist because she had courage and she helped protect Ellen from being captured."I wonder if I will ever see Ellen again."Annemarie said sadly."You will,little one.You saved her life."Uncle Henrik 127

Antagonist-The Nazi soldiers are the antagonist's because they're searching for all of the Jews so the can arrest them."They plan to arrest all the danish Jews.They plan to take them away."page 36


1.In the Danish resistance,some citizens managed to bring 7,200 Jews to Sweden without being caught by any of the Nazi soldiers.

2.The Jews in Denmark had not been forced to wear any signs,unlike other Jews in countries under the Nazi rule.

3.Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany as well as running the German army.

4.On April 29,1945,Hitler married Eva Braun and on the same day they both committed suicide.

My story takes place in world war ll,and the Nazi soldiers are capturing all of the Jews. Annemarie's friend Ellen is Jewish,so she has to help her get away.The Nazi soldiers are not around anymore,so if Ellen and Annemarie were living right now in 2014,it would make a huge time difference.Ellen and Annemarie would not have to hide from the Nazi soldiers.They could live normal and regular lives like we do now.