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Depression.Rodents.Typhus is a extremely horrible disease that will haunt you .Typhus is a blood traveling and touch contact disease caused by rodents.Typhus can have a variety of infamous symptoms,that can passably be fatal. You never know,anything can cause typhus.
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Man sick with Typhus but there is no cure.

what causes typhus?

Typhus can be caused by groups of similar diseases called Rickettsiater.Insects that Carrie typhus or bacteria, travel to inasant people such as rodents and cattle. Varieties of bacteria can be transferred to humans. Ticks are the most stealth insects to give typhus. 25% of typhus is spreaded by ticks of mites. The other 75% comes from rodents. The only way to prevent typhus is to stay away from any rodents or insects.
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no cure for typhus but anabiotics can slow it down

what are the symptoms?

There can be many horrible symptoms that come from typhus.After 10 days being bitten, a person will have diesises flowing through their vanes. 10 days later, typhus comes in.From there typhus can make your temperature go up at least 12 degrees. Headaches and pains will kick in. After 17 days of being bitten, you will feel chills and most of the time death occurs.All diesises that typhus supplies you with will be very depressing.
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Typhus is a nightmare that becomes true. The worst symptoms happen,and you go through so much depression .One rodent or a insect could affect affect many peoples lives.Even though there is no way to cure it you have to fight through it.
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