Matapu School Newsletter

Term 1, Week 5, 4th March 2022

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Tuesday 8th March - School Swimming Sports
  • Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th March - Whanau Goal Setting Conferences
  • Friday 11th March - Teachers Only Day, school closed
  • Monday 14th March - Taranaki Anniversary, school closed
  • Friday 25th March - Junior School Try-athlon
  • Thursday 14th April - Last Day of Term 1

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: I am striving to do my personal best

Te reo phrase of the week: kia tere (be quick)

Kia ora,

The RAISE goal for this week is one that really stands out to me. All we ever want is for our students to achieve their personal best, be it in academia, sports, citizenship, or cultural activities. This goal ties in so well with the myriad of experiences we have on offer in Term 1. From athletics and swimming, to their book work, our main aim is for students to feel good about themselves and strive to achieve their personal best in any activity. I can’t wait to see this attitude on display at swimming sports next week.

Whanau Learning Conferences

We still have a few parents/caregivers who have not booked a time for our upcoming whanau learning conferences. These conferences are very much about meeting the teacher, goal setting, and discussing how your child has settled in. Please click on the following link to catch up with your child’s teacher next week: Whanau Learning Conferences

Thank you to the large number of people who have already made an appointment.

School will finish at 2 pm for all students on both the 9th and 10th March. The first bus will leave at 2 pm.

$5000 Reverse Draw Raffle

Get your tickets now for our Reverse Draw Raffle! A Great prize of $5000 up for grabs! Please get in touch with Malone Golf or the school office if you would like a ticket, $100 per ticket.

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Covid Update

We know that there has been a lot of information sent your way regarding the different requirements at the various phases. Please see the picture below for a simple diagram that you can follow in our current situation.

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Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

School Notices

Values Awards

Room 1 - Nazeer for consistently showing the school value of integrity.

Room 2 - Cash for working so incredibly hard in maths! Your ambition to achieve will produce great results.

Room 3 - Mia for great integrity, always doing the right thing even when there are no adults around!

Room 4 - Kohya for persevering with floating in the swimming pool. Tino pai to mahi!

Room 5 - Ollie for always showing ambition when completing work in class!

Room 6 - Chad for great learning in Room 6, and for caring about our classroom too!


I orea te tuatara ka puta ki waho

A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions

School App

Please download the school app by following the instructions shown in the flyer.

We will be utilising the app in a big way this year, especially for sending out notices so if you already have it that is great but please jump on and review your alert subscriptions to ensure that you receive all notices that apply to your child's classroom and sports.

Room 1

This week in maths we have been learning place value to one billion and how to divide fractions by fractions. We have learned the Keep, Switch and Flip strategy. Using this method we keep the first fraction as it is, change the divide sign to multiplication and then flip the second fraction upside down. You could help at home by practising this strategy with your child.

Room 2

We are so grateful for such lovely weather! The Room 2 class is humming! This week, we have trialed having our own individual choices about when we do certain subjects. The option and choice has been fabulous. I have been able to spend much more 1-1 time with individual students.
We finished our personality swirls which have really brightened up the corridor - we are looking forward to when whanau can come back into our school and see this art in real life!
Take care whanau.

Room 3

We have had a great week in Room 3. For writing we have been making a class newspaper which the students have really enjoyed. We have written sections about what our classroom looks like, the subjects we have been doing and even graphs showing the girls and boys in the top senior classes.

Room 4

The children have been learning to use Prime books this week for maths. Our writing focus was better words for push or throw. We wrote about our experiences of discus and shotput using interesting words like, “I catapulted the discus as far as I could.” We have been using the Sunshine Online app to read independently which has been a big hit in Room 4. Our swimming skills are getting better each day and the kids are super excited to use them for our Swimming Sports next Tuesday!

Room 5

5 weeks at school already! Wow, February went by so quickly. Every day we look at the calendar and count the days left in the month.

It’s almost time for swimming sports and Room 5 has been working on their water safety, including safe entry and exit from the pool. We have been able to all float, whether it is using the noodle or flutter board, or just floating on our back. We have also been dolphin diving to gather and pick up objects.

Room 6

We are continuing to build our learning muscles. We have talked about that very important word- ’yet’-and what a difference it makes when added to ‘I can’t do it’! It really changes the meaning and we can see how it opens our mind up to giving things a go. We know that walking was a hard thing to learn when we were babies, but we didn’t give up trying! It is really heartening to hear that little word being used and I am really proud of the efforts being put into lots of new learning.

We are also working on being bucket fillers- keeping our own internal buckets full and making sure we fill others too. It’s as simple as a smile, a kind word, sharing, or being a good friend. Ask your child how they can fill your bucket this weekend!

Community Notices

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