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Principal's Message

March 19, 2021

Dear Walnut Hills High School Families,

Before we get too far into the details of our plan, I want to thank you for your involvement, support, and patience over this past year. A year ago we started Spring Break early due to the pandemic lockdown. We could not even imagine at that time that it would be more than a year before we would have students on campus. We have only gotten to this next milestone of reopening campus by learning a lot and working together. I am very thankful for our Walnut Hills community that cares so deeply for our students and school.

Whether concurrent or in-person learning is the best choice for your student, we have been working hard to ensure that ALL students have the best experience possible. I am excited about the new technology that will allow concurrent learners to connect and interact with the teachers and in-person learners. For our in-person learners, I mentioned in last night’s Town Hall meeting that we are not returning to the pre-pandemic Walnut Hills High School. Make no mistake, we will get there and be stronger due to his past year. For now, there will be changes to prioritize our students’ safety.

Details of how our in-person and concurrent learning will work are outlined below. There are also links to the Town Hall presentation and recording.

Please note that the Commitment Form for students who want to participate in our concurrent learning program is due on Monday, March 22. We also are encouraging families to submit the Covid Testing Consent Form if their child is returning to campus.

We hope you enjoy Spring Break! We can’t wait to see our students on campus and virtually!

Sursum ad Summum,

John Chambers

Go Eagles!

What you need to know for next week!

Spring Break Reminder:

  • There is no school for students and staff Monday, March 22-Tuesday March 30th.

Wednesday, March 31:

  • Students in grades 7-9 will return to in-person instruction.

  • March 31: Students in grades 10-12 will remain in distance learning until Tuesday, April 6th.

Tuesday, April 6:

  • Students in grades 10-12 will return to in-person instruction.

A Day in the Life of Blended Learning

Instructional Plan

  • Students who have opted to be concurrent will be identified in PowerSchool.

  • Here is the regular bell schedule for in-person and concurrent learners.

    • Mondays/Tuesdays and Thursdays/Fridays will be block days.

    • Wednesday will be a 7-bell day.

    • A schoolwide lunch will be held each day after the 3rd bell. The 3rd bell class will meet each day.

  • Teachers will post course expectations for the week by Monday in their Weekly Folder on their Schoology course page.

  • Pacing and curricular content should remain consistent as we transition from fully remote.

  • Week of March 29 schedule

    • All 7th-9th grade students will either attend in-person classes or join classes remotely, based on chosen plan

    • All 10th-12th grade students will attend classes remotely

    • All students will follow this schedule for March 31-April 2. This week’s schedule will be altered to allow for orientation activities.

  • Week of April 5 schedule

    • All 7th-12th grade students will either attend in-person classes or join classes remotely, based on chosen plan

    • The schedule will be altered due to a 4 day week; we will not have the Wednesday 7-bell schedule and follow the attached schedule

Transportation / Metro Buses

  • Metro bus cards will not be required for the first week of blended learning.

  • Students will receive their bus cards in their English classes on the first day that they have an English schedule according to the schedule.

  • Here is specific route information; route information is also posted on the school’s website. Here is the bus line up on Jonathan with arrival and dismissal times.

  • Metro is public transportation that mandates passengers and coach drivers wear a mask. Metro does not provide masks.

  • Metro buses will have seating charts to allow for contact tracing if needed.

  • Students will enter the bus from the front and fill in the seats from the back to the front.

  • Students will depart the bus through the rear door, starting at the front and moving to the back of the bus.

  • Hand Sanitizing stations have been installed on the Metro Bus.

  • Metro uses ZOONO Z71 Sanitizer which is rated for 30 days of coverage, but Metro will be sanitizing buses weekly using a mister to provide 360’ protection.

  • All vehicles will have a spray bottle, and at school release, the driver will wipe down all high touch surfaces.

Parking for Student Drivers

  • Drivers (grades 10-12) will be permitted to park on campus. Students who choose to drive need to park must pick up a parking pass from the main office. There is no fee for parking this year.

  • Students are only permitted to park in Lower Lot D, Lot C, Sulsar Drive, or the Gravel Lot.

  • Parking passes must be picked up by Friday, April 9th.

Morning Arrival

  • There are four entrances into the building: Blair Circle, Lot D, Sulsar, Plaza (for bus riders).

  • Students will go through temperature and security checks at each entrance.

  • When students enter their first bell classroom, they will sanitize their desks.


Hallways, Stairs & Class Changes

  • Hallways will be 2-way. Students will walk single file down the hallway along the wall.

  • Students will exit every classroom to the right and travel in that direction.

  • Stairways will be one way with the exception of the two small stairways that lead to the 3500 classrooms. These two stairways will be two-way to avoid students passing in a narrow hallway.

  • Here is a map indicating the directional paths.

  • All students will be dismissed from their classrooms at bell change. There will not be a staggered release from classrooms. Students will have 10 minutes to transition from one bell to another.

    • Students will have a staggered dismissal from their classroom beginning at 2:30 pm.

Study Halls

  • Study hall will be held in the cafeteria for most bells with distancing protocols in place.

  • Students will have assigned seats in each study hall.

  • All students in grades 7-12 will be eligible for late arrival (in bells 1 and 2) and an early dismissal (in bells 6 and 7) if their schedules allow and with parent permission. Permission slips and more detailed information for late arrival and early dismissal will be sent electronically to parents on March 31.

  • Students will be able to access support areas, such as the library, College Information Center, and Writing Center, by appointment or obtaining permission from their study hall teacher. Access to these areas will be limited to ensure appropriate capacity and distancing.


  • Lunch will take place after the 3rd bell class. Students will eat their lunch outside when the weather permits or at an assigned indoor location on inclement weather days. Each student will have an assigned location for both scenarios based on their third bell schedule. Kiosks will be stationed in various areas for students to pick up their lunch.

  • All CPS students are eligible for a free breakfast and free lunch for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.


  • Students will be encouraged to use the restroom during their scheduled classes.

  • Time has been built into the schedule to allow for these accommodations.

  • The goal is to limit the number of students using a restroom at one time and allow for proper social distancing.

Medical Room

  • COVID Plan and Medical Room Procedure Spring 2021

  • There are several important documents that ALL students need to have completed and bring with them on their first day of in-person instruction:

  • It is highly recommended that ALL students have permission for a COVID test as this may be necessary if your child is sent to the Medical Room with a symptom that may be COVID-related: COVID-19 Testing Consent Form

    • If there is not a signed approval form on file the nurse will call the parents for verbal approval prior to administering the COVID test.

    • The COVID test approval form, if not on file, will need to be signed by the parent at the time of student pick up (if the COVID test was approved and administered).

    • If a parent declines a COVID test for their child to be administered at school the child will not be permitted to return back to school without a negative COVID test result.

    • If a parent declines a COVID test for his/her child’s symptoms, the child will not be able to return back to school for 10 (ten) calendar days.

  • These forms need to be complete if applicable for your student:


  • Breakfast bags (provided for free) will be available for students to grab and take home to eat the following morning before leaving for school.

  • Students that ride a bus will have a staggered release between 2:30 and 2:55 pm.

  • Students who will be picked-up and students that drive to campus will be released at 2:30 pm.