feedback in June for next year

June 2015 send to Truman

feedback from my email request

Parents need some help in allowing their children to have a voice and problem solve with school staff. I have many kids who go home, tell the parent that there was an issue, then the parent comes in to address it. Children need to be able to work through things with the help of us at school. Parents solving problems for them all the time takes away the child's ability to learn communication skills, seeking help, and essentially independence.
Tabatha Grigg

Principal, Buckhorn and Hixon Elementary

You do a great job providing resources for our parents and staff. A big focus here has been teaching students how to problem-solve on their own, and we have been implementing WITS. There is also a lot of confusion out there regarding bullying - what it is and what it isn't. For example, many situations students and/or parents identify bullying are normal conflicts all children go through. Parents have also requested parenting resources, particularly how to deal with children that are wilful and defiant.
A number of our parents tend to overreact when their children are experiencing problems, and have trouble managing their own emotions and looking at the bigger picture. They want to intervene rather than empower their children to solve problems on their own. Resources related to how they can constructively communicate and work with the school in these situations would be very helpful. Thanks for all you do to support us, Linda. I send out your links with every newsletter, and they're invaluable!
Tom Makowsky
Principal, Nukko Lake Elementary

No, I think you cover a variety of topics, thanks. I find when you send from home, they don't forward as well. I'll let you know if I think of an area we need more on 鿰
Linda Picton
Principal, Spruceland Elementary

I think you are sharing many good ideas in a format that is easy to follow and understand.I cant recall if there is anything to cover transitions - Kinder to gr 1,
or gr. 7 to gr 8 or moving schools. Just some ideas.Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do for kids and families!
Bruce Wiebe, School Trustee

I get some feedback from PGSS Staff Some find them very useful Others - not sure if they are reading theI also forward to PAC
I have not asked for feedback But I will at the June meeting
We sometimes are able to put excerpts in the newsletter I find hints and tips for parents
Very helpful
Sherry Thibault
Principal, PGSS and E8

I read them! But as far as any input....sorry, not my area of expertise! Any information, in mind, is helpful!
Pac, Prince George Secondary

I like the Dan Segal Video on the Dalai Lama site. It's called the Teenage Brain. It helps explain lots about brain development and behaviour
Anne Saar, E8

I will ask my staff and my PAC as I meet with both groups this week. If they have anything that they would like to see more of I will send you an email. I personally find all of it very helpful - just found "10 Things To Do Instead of Talking Behind Someone's Back" very helpful from your website. I LOVE it!!!!! thanks so much
Brenda Anderson
Principal, Vanway Elementary

I know that the staff appreciate the access to SEL learning resources but I am not sure if they have any specific topics covered. We have a meeting on Wed. I will mention it and see what they say.
Tim Yule,
Principal, Glenview Elementary

Check out the Dalai Lama Centre website - they have many great presenters/resources from the Heart-Mind Conference the last two years.
Deanna Hood
Principal, Quinson Elementary

I don't believe you'll be seeing any new directions from either the school district or the Min of Ed over the next year. What we're hearing is that a continuation of the work in the Safer Schools portfolio. Over the last couple of years, you'd have heard more about social emotional learning as well as how technology is a key concern (cyber bullying, social media worries, etc). I know I've seen your emails as being perfectly relevant to that work.
I will keep you in mind if I hear more about any changes in the direction of Ministry.
Thanks again for another year of excellent, readable, and hands-on useful resources!
Lisa Carson
Assistant Superintendent sd57

The SEL flyers provide good information so please keep them coming.
Three key areas for additional support include:
1) SEL for incoming students and their families. In recent years the new Ks are the most challenging students. Simple things like sleep, eating and participation in teams or clubs are being bobbled at home. Routine and consistency help children be ready for a day of learning and growing.
2) Let them be little. Adults need to filter mature content from children. Sometimes this is hard for parents as they confuse quality time with playing Call of Duty with their 5 year old.
3) Technology. Tech is creeping into our lives to the point of invasiveness. Turn off the tech or reduce it to 30 minutes day while the children are awake. Smart phones need to be put down and healthy social interaction encouraged and modeled.
Craig Brennan
Principal, Westwood Elementary

What about a flyer on the importance of monitoring the amount of screen time our kids get? Making kids wait for apts. with a book or regular conversation instead of a parents' phone? etc....Suggestions on how to make family rules about screen time....
you may have already done this and I missed it. I would love to have some solid research.....some facts about what the screen time does to kids' brains. Maybe a one page fact sheet? I have heard numerous speakers talk on the subject but I never remember the cold hard facts.
Belinda Hanlon
Elementary Counsellor, Hart Highlands Elementary

City opportunities, grants, camps, groups, etc outside school. Tips on poverty , budgeting, and healthy snacks, meals, etc.
support for parents. What an IEP is, What school support services are, How to address a concern, who and how to talk to
Nancy Alexander,
Elementary Counsellor, Ron Brent and Blackburn Elementary

Just wondering about loss/grief/separation due to divorce, break ups, death
Failure to bond for some kids probably comes from the above situations...
Keep it coming as it is great stuff
You never know when somebody will need your info :-)
Anne Smith
Principal, Heritage Elementary

Thanks for your note, Linda. You do a great job at this - I don't have any particular suggestions just now.
Joanne Shaw
Principal, École College Heights Elementary

Thank-you so much for your email, Linda! Your SEL info is so valuable and I hope we can get together before the end of the school year. Together we can brainstorm further ideas and bring each other up to date on some of our student and community needs.
Susan Johnston
Assistant Superintendent

Brenda Gwilliam writes:
The only suggestions that I have are:
1. If you can it would be nice to have a search function, so if I needed info on aniexty I could enter that.
2. If that is not possible, then a short description of the themes that are covered each month on the we@sel homepage.
I think it is a wonderful resource, which is why I added the link to the library web-page.
thank you Brenda, good input!
Pam Spooner
Principal - Nusdeh Yoh

I find this is the continual debate. There is so much info going out to parents it almost seems like they can't attend and sort. This year, I forwarded them to the resource teacher. I think that next year I would like to post them to the website and we can direct parents there - esp. if we are meeting re SEL issues and are at the Tier 2 or 3 levels.
Karin Paterson
Principal, Highglen Montessori School

I think that your flyers are going well. I can't think of anything to add - you've included so many things that are useful.
So keep up the good work and have a good June too!
Jill Jackson
Principal, Beaverly Elementary

Thankyou for you emails. I've really enjoyed what you have sent. Keep it up! Thanks again.
Karen Chadha
Morfee Elementary (250) 997-6340