All About Me!

Me And My Hobbies

As you probably know I love Animals!

I volunteer at safe heaven every other saturday, I donate my time and money to them.

Sidney and Wrigley

I have taught sidney my dog about 7 tricks and wrigley my sisters dog 5 tricks. It takes up a lot of time but its worth it!

My Favorite Show

My favorite show is hands down Revenge love it!!!!!

My Favorite Movie Is

Lady and the Tramp what a shocker! :)))))

My Favorite Color Is

Turquoise That's the color of my bedroom

What do I want to be when I grow Up?

I want to be a dog breeder/show dogs in agility and breed standerd shows. the dogs I want to breed/show are- Border collies,Great Danes,German Shepherds,Collies, and shelties wich is the kind of dog I own sidney. SHELTIES ARE NOT MINI COLLIES!!!!!!

My Friends

Kenzie, Madison, Anna, Nikki, and Bobbi