Marine Debris

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What is it?

Marine Debris, also known as marine litter, is human created waste that has accidentally or purposely been released in a lake, sea, ocean, or water way. This trash gets into these places in different ways, sometimes by waves and currents. Marine Debris can be as little as a bead or as big a sunken boat. Other things such as entanglement and ghost fishing can cause Marine Debris as well.


Many things effect Marine Life. Entanglement can hinder an animal from eating or breathing due to the net that fishers use. Plastic that is floating around can be mistaken as food to certain animals. For example, turtles may eat a plastic bag thinking it is a jellyfish. This can damage their digestive system and can kill them. Oil spills are also considered Marine Debris. The oil can cover our marine animals and hinder their breathing and ability to swim. Oil spills also smother plants which can effect the animals eating these plants.
Marine Debris


There are not many benefits of Marine Debris, as one could imagine. But there is one advantage to some our marine life. Certain animals use these pieces of trash as their habitat. For example, fish can make a living in sunken boats. Does this sound familiar? In Nemo, the Sharks found their habitat in a boat surrounded by bombs.

How Can We Save our Fishies?

  • Dispose of trash more responsibly.
  • Join an organization that helps the environment.
  • Reusable bags are better than Plastic bags.
  • Avoid products with excess packaging.
  • Reusable water bottles are more beneficial than plastic bottles.
  • Pick up trash on the Beach, Lake, Ocean , etc.
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