Wilson's Weekly

Aug. 27 - 31, 2018


During our first unit in Math this year, we will be learning how to multiply and divide. Monday, we'll see that to multiply we need equal groups. We can write both a multiplication sentence and a repeated addition sentence to represent these groups. Tuesday, we'll learn that we can use an array to solve multiplication problems by placing the same number of items in equal rows. Wednesday, we'll discuss the meaning of the terms - factors & product. Thursday, the students will be taking the I-Ready Math Diagnostic Test. This assessment will allow us to see where your child is currently performing overall in Math. Friday, we will see how multiplication and division are related.


This week, we will be doing mini-lessons to help us better understand what it means to be a fluent reader. Monday, we will break apart fluency into 4 areas: phrasing, expression, accuracy, & rate. Tuesday, we will create a problem/solution chart to help us improve our accuracy. Wednesday, the students will be taking the I-Ready Diagnostic Test in Reading to give us a baseline of where they are currently performing. Thursday, we will discuss various strategies to help us improve our accuracy. Friday, we'll learn ideas to help with our phrasing.

Writing & Spelling

Our first unit in Writing is "Personal Narratives". We'll begin by going over our "3rd Grade Writer's Checklist". As we discuss this rubric, students will see all of the things that will be included in their final narrative piece. We'll also take a look at some sample student work and critique things they did well & things that they could continue to work on. Thursday & Friday, we'll focus on where writers find ideas. The students will jot down some seed ideas of their own to later turn into stories.

During our second Spelling unit, we will focus on consonant blends, short o & e words, dictionary skills, analogies, and synonyms.


Monday, we will learn about copyright laws and how to cite a person's work in order to give them credit. Tuesday, the students will learn the difference between people they know only online vs. those they know in-person. We will then discuss what information is safe to share online and what should remain private. Wednesday, we will see how we can be "Super Digital Citizens" by being safe & responsible when we are online.

PLTW - Project Lead The Way

Our first PLTW, Project Lead The Way, unit is "Science of Flight". This week, we will be experimenting with and learning the difference between balanced & unbalanced forces.

Upcoming Events

  • Thurs., Aug. 30 & Fri., Aug. 31 - Healthe Kids screenings
  • Thurs., Aug. 30 - P.I.E. Night (Parent Info. Evening) 6:00-6:30p.m. or 6:35-7:05p.m.
  • Fri., Aug. 31 - Dental Screenings 1:00-1:15p.m.
  • Fri., Aug. 31 - Chromebooks may go home with those who have insurance.
  • Mon. Sept. 3 - NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)