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#EdTechVIP Challenge

We are back with the second #EdTechVIP challenge! With each addition of Tech Snacks, we will challenge you to share how you are using a technology tool or strategy with your students. We want to see your examples of student work. Simply tweet a quick description (include grade level) with a link or picture and tag it with @fcpsoit and #EdTechVIP or send us an email at We will send you your very own badge for participating, and we may highlight your work in future editions of Tech Snacks.

EdTech VIP Challenge #2: Chromebook Challenge

Show us how your students are using Chromebooks to create and demonstrate their learning. Any tool or resource - Google, Microsoft or something else…… the options are unlimited. Show us what you’ve got!

If you need help trying a new tool with your students, please give us a yell. We’re happy to help. Can you collect them all????

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From the Google Slides Challenge

Meet some of our #EdTechVIP’s from the Google Slides Challenge. Check out the creative ways they use Slides with their students!

*It’s not too late to join the Slides Challenge! Just tweet us or email us an example of what your students have been doing.

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Eyes on the Screens

With over 21,000 Chromebooks in the district, we now have a resource that can help teachers keep an eye on student screens and on students’ on-task behavior. Lightspeed offers us the application Classroom Orchestrator which helps teachers monitor devices and student activity in the classroom. To get started, have your kiddos fire up those Chromebooks, and click HERE for more information!
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Try it this Sway

sway /swā/ verb: move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or from side to side.

SWAY /swā/ noun: an awesome app from the Microsoft Office Suite that allows the user to create and share interactive, multimedia reports, personalized stories, presentations, and more!

Go on and give it a try! Sway is free to use for anyone with a Microsoft Account. All educators and students have access by logging into Office 365, clicking the waffle and choosing Sway from the apps or by visiting Begin by adding images and text, search for related content from other credible sources, and sit back in awe as Sway builds a complete presentation. Say “goodbye” to standard pre-designed templates and use the design tab to automatically remix and transform your content into a unified and interactive product. Sway makes it super easy to share your creations. Click on the share tab to send a link to others so they can view the product. You can change the privacy settings for any presentation in order to control who views the presentation or who can edit the content.

Here are a few ideas of ways to use Sway in your classroom. A few are linked to examples for you to explore: Classroom newsletters, Digital storytelling, One page websites, Group projects, Photo journalism, Procedural writing, Book reports, School event flyers, Presentations, Sway within a Sway, Classroom resources/syllabus, Interactive lesson delivery, Digital portfolios for Art, Sharing student work

Sway is a FANTASTIC tool to use for all content areas and grade levels. Due to its intuitive interface, choose a topic and set your students free to create! Here are Directions to Create a Sway or contact your District TRT to get started.

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Can-do Graphic Design With Canva

For teachers looking for an easy way to design social media posts, website graphics, postcards, invitations, and more, look no further than Canva. This free online resource offers many pre-made templates or tools such as images, layouts, and fonts to help the user craft custom creations. Make parent communication more attractive or create engaging images to use in Canvas by utilizing this easy resource. Just keep in mind that Canva has not been approved yet for student use.

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Upcoming Technology PD

The PD menu is moving to a new home inside My Learning Plan. FCPS staff can log into and click on Activities, and District Catalog to see what is currently being offered. New opportunities are being added now, but to find technology specific ones, just search by Technology.

Currently posted learning opportunities offered by the Office of Instructional Technology:

Technology: HyperDocs 4/11/2018

Create HyperDocs to prepare units, create interactive activities, or store resources. An easy way to reuse resources with Google Classroom. Not sure what a hyperdoc is? Check out this page for more information:

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