Destined to be in Design

What I have always dreamed to become

The path to success is to take massive, determined action, which is exactly what I plan to do

Me, Myself and I

My color was blue. This meant that my personality was one that always thinks of others and their thoughts and feelings. I am one to ask someone if they need help, instead of asking for help myself. Manners and how I act are very important to me. Some of my other traits were...

· Emotional

· Friendly

· Thinks of Others

· Loyal

Doing The Creatve Path Not Math

My brain suggested that I am more right brained, then left brained. This explains that I am not a logical, mathmatical person. But instead I am an artist, designer, and creative thinker. I write a lot of poetry, instead of doing Algebra problems.

One of the Eyes of the Tiger

I will attend Bentonville High School next year and the years to come. I hope that my time at BHS will greater prepare me for college. I plan take tests to make me a top canidate to accept into a college. The steps

Bentonville High School- Bentonville, AR

  • Freshman-
  • Plan 4-year graduation plan that includes rigorous classes and 2-3 years of English. Become familiar with college entrance requirements. Research about your career requirements, and which classes to take for each. Plan for the PSAT/SAT and ACT.Consider taking the ACT/SAT three times


Take hard courses to insure college credits and make sure these classes are good enough to meet college requirements. Register, Review and take the PSAT test.(if in geometry). Gather and review information about colleges Investigate costs of various college programs.

Junior: Gather and review information about colleges Investigate costs of various college programs .Apply for colleges, visit them, and review credits and classes you may need to complete in order to get into that colleges


Investigate career interests. Register to take the PSAT and SATs.Study college information Collect information on scholarships and financial aid programs. Sign up for and take the PSAT/SAT Test Preparation Course before taking the SAT

Bye Bye to Bentonvile High


Tuesday, May 19th 2015 at 1pm

1270 Leroy Pond Drive

Fayetteville, AR

Im armed with a diploma and ready to go to college!

College Bound

Believing in the Beauty of My Dreams

John Brown University:

Location: Siloam Springs, AR

Private Christain College

I am planning on majoring in Visual and Preforming Arts. This will help me learn the complex principles of design. The Preforming arts will help bring out my inner personality, and will help me spocialze with clients.

Day In, Day Out, All Week Long

Interior Designers...

My dream job is to be an interior designer. Interior designers help to achieve functional, comfortable, and custom space. They design commercial, industrial, or residential spaces. Interior designers sometimes have trouble desingning spaces because they dint always get to design what they think is best, but also listen to their clients wishes. That si a reason why I also think this job would be great for me; My color results means I am a blue, which means I think of others before myself.