iPhone now released

"Apple reinvents the phone"

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A new multi-touch touchscreen phone

The new iPhone is a multi-touch touchscreen phone that can do more than you would imagine. With Safari you can look up anything you wish at all times. With a storage of 4, 8, or 16 you can store everything you need on your phone! Store photos on your phone and even change your background pictures! For safety and privacy, you can put a passcode on your phone so that it won't unlock without your password! Great way to text and call friends and stay updated with news, weather, and safari by your side. This phone is even portable so you can take it everywhere you go. Don't worry about it dying because of its long battery charge!

"This is just the beginning"


H- 4.5 in.

W- 2.4 in.

D- 0.46 in.

Weight- 4.8 oz.

Screen- 3.5 in.

Memory- 128 MB

Storage- 6, 8, or 16

Apple Inc.

Cost dropped!